Watch the ominous, jam-packed trailer for House of Cards season 5

The Underwoods hit the campaign trail

(Netflix, TL)

Netflix have finally given us our first taste of the fifth season of House of Cards, and it doesn’t bode well for the people of Frank Underwood’s America.


The trailer thrusts us straight into the action, with glimpses of Trumpian protests (a “not my president” sign pops up outside the White House), the Underwoods on the campaign trail, and a brief look at election night, at which point Frank is leading his Republican counterpart Conway by a short margin.

“The American people don’t know what’s good for them,” Underwood’s ominous narrative begins, “I do”.

He goes on to lay out an ambitious plan for the forthcoming SIX elections, in which he envisions an Underwood as the winner. Whether this plan includes a stint in office for Claire is unclear, but it will certainly involve some bending of the two term rule.

It also gives us our first look at new cast members Patricia Clarkson and Campbell Scott, who join the returning Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright.


House of Cards Season 5 arrives on Netflix on 30 May