*Warning: spoilers ahead for The Victim episodes ONE, TWO and THREE*


BBC1's legal thriller The Victim follows Anna (Kelly Macdonald), a nurse whose nine-year-old son was tortured and killed by an older child, Eddie J Turner, over a decade ago.

In the present day, Anna is charged with incitement to murder when bus driver Craig Myers is brutally attacked, following Anna's online post alleging Myers is the child killer living under witness protection.

But is Craig really Eddie J Turner, or is he the victim of mistaken identity? And if he's not Turner, then who is? Let's have a look at the possibilities...

Tom Carpenter (John Scougall)

John Scougall (right) plays Tom Carpenter (BBC Pictures)

Why might Tom Carpenter be Eddie J Turner? After episode three, it seems pretty clear that the real Eddie J Turner is not Craig at all — but is instead his best friend… (Spoilers ahead!)

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The right age and appearance for a possible match, Tom Carpenter has a close friendship with Craig Myers. He’s fun-loving, confident, loud, a womaniser — everything that Craig isn’t. So what is it exactly that binds these two unlikely friends together?

At the end of episode three, we see Tom visiting the social worker who was once assigned the child killer — a coincidence, or is Tom the real Eddie J Turner?

Also, you'll recall that Anna and Mo have discovered that Craig is one of two possible men in prison identified as Eddie J Turner, Now, we don't know how Tom met Craig, but it's possible he could turn out to be his cell-mate. It would explain their deep friendship – the pair may have bonded while behind bars – and allow for Tom being the real killer.

Danny Callaghan (Andrew Rothney)

Why might Danny Callaghan be Eddie J Turner? Although he looks too young to be Turner, Danny is actually ten years older than his law student girlfriend Louise, Anna’s daughter.

There’s definitely something creepy about him, according to viewers, and when the police first got involved following the attack on Craig, Danny immediately panicked, refusing to stay in the house once he learnt that DI Stephen Grover (John Hannah) had arrived.

However, in episode three it’s revealed that Danny was the boy who found the body of Anna’s son Liam — meaning it's unlikely he's also the murderer. Danny has done a stint in jail, and it looks like he's since deliberately ingratiated himself into the family.

He also seems to harbour a bit of a crush/obsession for Anna (yep, his girlfriend’s mum), always taking her side in family disputes. If he’s not Turner, could it be that he’s the ‘Grim Reaper Man’ who attacked Craig Myers on Halloween night, after seeing Anna’s online post?

William Napier (Nicholas Nunn)

Nicholas Nunn plays William Napier (BBC Pictures)

Why might William Napier be Eddie J Turner? William is a troubled young man and patient of Anna’s, and, like Louise’s boyfriend Danny, he seems strangely obsessed with Anna.

A former drug user, he seems to have latched onto Anna as she’s the only one who “trusts” him — but could there be a darker motive behind his obsessive behaviour?

In episode three he freaks out when Anna doesn’t show up at hospital, to the extent that the police are called — and DI Stephen Grover becomes convinced that it was William who was the “grim Reaper Man’ who first attacked Craig Myers.

Craig Myers (James Harkness)

The Victim

Why might Craig Myers be Eddie J Turner? A shy family man and devoted father to a six-year-old daughter, Craig doesn't initially fit the profile of a cold-blooded child killer.

However, he's the right age for present-day Turner (late twenties to early thirties), and bears a passing resemblance to the photograph of Turner that was published at the time of the murder. We also know from episode two that he had a troubled childhood, and has served time in prison, which is where private detective Mo Buckley's (Pooky Quesnel) prison contact recognises him from — although, as mentioned above, we know that contact later admits that Eddie J Turner could have been either of the two men in Myers' cell: Myers himself, or his mysterious cell-mate...

When Myers' wife Rebecca (Karla Crome) becomes suspicious, she also points out that social services frequently visited the house when their daughter was born — which would be understandable if Myers was in fact Turner under witness protection.

"I always knew if [Craig] was Eddie J Turner or not," writer Rob Williams said in an interview with RadioTimes.com. "And that sort of leads onto, if he isn't, who is? And that's because, I think, you sort of have to have that. If you're going to have any understanding of — if you want the elephant in the room, the big bad, the big bad is Eddie J Turner as far as Anna is concerned."


The Victim airs across the week with the remaining episodes airing on Wednesday 10th and Thursday 11th April on BBC1 at 9pm