The final episode of Pete McTighe's BBC One thriller The Pact airs tonight, with DS Holland closing in on the Anna, Nancy, Louie and Cat as she learns more about Jack's murder.


Set in the picturesque Welsh countryside, The Pact so far has taken viewers on a number of shocking twists and turns, which have all been leading up to tonight's episode, while fans have been dazzled by the drama's star-studded cast – including Breaking Bad's Laura Fraser, Coronation Street's Julie Hesmondhalgh and BAFTA nominee Rakie Ayola.

With Eddie Marsan, Ade Edmondson and a number of up-and-coming Welsh actors rounding out the cast, it's no surprise that McTighe recently told The Pact's stars were "the best ensemble I've ever worked with".

Read on for everything you need to know about the show's cast and tonight's finale.

Laura Fraser plays Anna

Who is Anna? Anna is a brewery worker, who is eyeing a promotion at the start of the series. But she soon gets drawn into a massive moral dilemma when her boss is found dead – not helped by the fact she is married to the police officer investigating the incident.

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Describing the character, Fraser says, "She’s re-evaluating her life, she feels like she’s achieved nothing – she had her kids young and she’s only now getting the confidence to go for a promotion at the brewery, where she works with her friends Nancy, Lou and Cat."

What else has Laura Fraser been in? Fraser is perhaps best known for playing the vital character of Lydia in the final seasons of Breaking Bad, a role she has since reprised in Better Call Saul. Other smalls screen credits have included Neverwhere, Lip Service, The Missing and Traces, while she's also been seen in several films such as A Knight's Tale and Beats.

Heledd Gwynn plays Cat

Who is Cat? Another worker at the brewery, Cat is a no-nonsense figure, who has previously spent some time in prison.

Describing the character, Gwynn says, "She comes across quite blunt and quite tough. She’s worked at the brewery for about three years, so is relatively new, but she still becomes involved."

What else has Heledd Gwynn been in? Gwynn has a number of Welsh YTV credits to her name including 35 Diwrnod and Gwaith/Cartref, while she has also appeared in an episode of Holby City and Ordinary Lies.

Eiry Thomas plays Louie

Who is Louie? Another worker at the brewery, Louie has family ties to the management – her brother Arwel is the former boss, and her nephew Jack recently took over.

Speaking about the role, Thomas says, "Louie’s nephew Jack is looking after the brewery and she has worked there for a long time. She has had various jobs in the brewery, she's done the accounting, she’s worked everywhere on the floor, she knows it inside and out. She’s very happy in that role of not being the top dog there. She likes being where she is. She’s in this gang with three other women and they’re close friends. Her friends are her family, that’s who she is."

What else has Eiry Thomas been in? Thomas played Susan Williams in all three seasons of hit Welsh drama Keeping Faith, and she has a wealth of other small-screen credits to her name, on programmes including The Accident, Living a Lie and Belonging. She has also been seen in episodes of Sherlock, Britannia and Doctors.

Julie Hesmondhalgh plays Nancy

Who is Nancy? One of Anna's co-workers at the brewery, Nancy is another member of the friendship group at the heart of the series.

What else has Julie Hesmondhalgh been in? Hesmondhalgh starred as Hayley Cropper on Coronation Street for 16 years between 1998 and 2014 – earning her a Best Actress prize at the British Soap Awards. She has since turned in acclaimed performances in dramas such as Cucumber, Happy Valley and Broadchurch. She also has an extensive stage career, with credits including God Bless the Child and Wit.

Abbie Hern plays Tish

Who is Tish? Another brewery worker, Tish has her eye on the same supervisor role that Anna is after, and is sometimes at odds with her co-workers. She begins to suspect they know more than they are letting on when Jack is found dead.

Hern says of the character, "Tish is a brewery worker at Evans Brewery. She’s relatively new compared to the other girls, so I think she’s still trying to find her way in the workplace and in life."

What else has Abbie Hern been in? Hern's biggest credit prior to this role came in The Twilight Zone episode Among the Untrodden, and she will star in the upcoming short film Through the Looking Glass.

Eddie Marsan plays Arwel

Who is Arwel? The retired boss of the brewery, Arwel is forced to take a more hands-on role again when his son Jack is found dead in mysterious circumstances.

What else has Eddie Marsan been in? Marsan will be a familiar face for many film and TV fans, having appeared in a huge number of productions, from his award-winning turn in Mike Leigh's Happy-Go-Lucky to his long-running role as Terry Donovan on Ray Donovan. Other big-screen credits include Mission: Impossible III, Sherlock Holmes and Vice, while he's also appeared in TV shows such as Little Dorrit, Criminal Justice, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell and River.

Rakie Ayola plays DS Holland

Who is DS Holland? The Senior Investigating Officer looking into the mysterious death of Jack Holland is a skilled if slightly quirky detective.

Speaking about the role, Ayola says, "I've got the sense that she’s someone you wouldn’t expect to be a high-ranking police officer. She’s incredibly empathetic. She is good at detecting and putting two and two together.

"She probably wasn’t a brilliant ‘bobby on the beat’; she would have done what she needed to do, but that’s not where her strengths are. Her strengths are in detecting… understanding the kind of person that would commit a crime and why they would do it, then looking into that."

What else has Rakie Ayola been in? Ayola was recently nominated for a BAFTA for her acclaimed performance as Gee Walker in BBC One's TV movie Anthony, while other recent credits have included playing Prime Minister Opal Folami in Noughts and Crosses, and a regular role as Olivia Lennox in series six of Shetland. She's also played Hermione Granger in the West End play of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, and has appeared in episodes of immensely popular shows including Doctor Who and Black Mirror.

Aneurin Barnard plays Jack

Who is Jack? The volatile new boss of the brewery, Jack is found dead shortly after a staff party – at which he was taken to the woods for a prank by his co-workers.

Barnard says of the role, "Jack is a very complex character, who could just be seen as a one-dimensional antagonist in the drama. But for me to approach playing him, I had to find the vulnerability and fragility within this young damaged man, hidden deep beneath the pretense of a strong tough bloke with a cocky, selfish, ‘I’m bigger and better than you’ attitude."

What else has Aneurin Barnard been in? Barnard has a number of small screen roles to his name, including credits in Cilla, The White Queen, War & Peace and SS-GB. He's also appeared in several big films, with roles in the likes of Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk, Hunky Dory, The Personal History of David Copperfield, The Goldfinch and Radioactive.

Jason Hughes plays Max

Who is Max? Anna's husband, Max recently changed careers to become a police officer and has just been promoted to acting sergeant to help DS Holland with the investigation into Jack's death.

Hughes describes the character as "a very solid, grounded guy", adding "He’s one of those guys that has a natural zest for life.

"He’s very passionate about his family and puts that above everything else. He cares a lot about the well-being of his wife and his kids. Then before he knows it, he’s been put on the case and is completely involved in finding out what happened."

What else has Jason Hughes been in? Hughes found fame playing lawyer Warren Jones on This Life and later played Detective Sergeant Ben Jones in Midsomer Murders between 2005 and 2013. Other TV credits include an episode of Death in Paradise and main roles in Three Girls and season two of Marcella.

Aled ap Steffan plays Ryan

Who is Ryan? Anna and Max's son, Ryan is a successful student and loves his family.

What else has Aled ap Steffan been in? The Welsh actor had a recurring role as Darren Edwards in the first season of Gangs of London last year, while he has also been in shows such as In My Skin and 35 Awr.

Gabrielle Creevy plays Tamsin

Who is Tamsin? Tamsin is Anna and Max's daughter and is often in trouble at school – proving a more difficult child than her brother Ryan.

What else has Gabrielle Creevy been in? Creevy played the lead role in BBC Three series In My Skin – alongside The Pact co-star Aled ap Steffan – and also had a leading role in the Channel 5 mystery drama 15 Days. She is set to star in the upcoming World War Two film Operation Mincemeat.

Sophie Melville plays Mandy

Who is Mandy? Mandy is a supervisor at the brewery, who was close with Jack and is frequently antagonistic towards her co-workers.

What else has Sophie Melville been in? Melville has appeared in episodes of The Missing and Call the Midwife, and had a recurring role as Mandy in the Welsh TV drama Bang.


The Pact began on Monday 17th May, and airs Monday and Tuesdays nights on BBC One at 9pm. If you've already finished the series on iPlayer, you can read our The Pact ending explainer. If you’re looking for more to watch, take a look at the rest of our Drama coverage, or check out our TV Guide.