Meet the cast of The Miniaturist

The secrets of 17th-century Amsterdam are revealed in this two-part drama starring Anya Taylor-Joy, Romola Garai and Alex Hassell

Aislin McGuckin – Agnes Meermans 

The Miniaturist - Aislin McGuckin as Agnes Meermans

Who does Aislin McGuckin play? Agnes Meermans has invested her money in sugar for Johannes to sell, but she is getting impatient at the delay. She is an interfering, jealous and unpleasant woman.


Where have I seen her before? Fans of Outlander will recognise Aislin McGuckin as Letitia MacKenzie, while Holby City devotees will remember her as Callie Taylor. She’s also been in Heartbeat, New Tricks, and The Creatives.

Ziggy Heath – Jack Philips

The Miniaturist - Ziggy Heath as Jack Philips

Who does Ziggy Heath play? We don’t want to spoil this for you…

Where have I seen him before? Ziggy Heath is better known as Luke Harris from the Cold Feet revival, and Sam Holland from ITV’s Harlots. He has also appeared in Black Mirror episode Hated in the Nation.

Christopher Godwin – Pastor Pellicorne 

The Miniaturist - Christopher Godwin as Pastor Pellicorne

Who does Christopher Godwin play? The city’s religious leader, in pious Amsterdam where the pursuit of profit and godliness go hand in hand.

Where have I seen him before? With an acting career spanning six decades, Christopher Godwin has appeared in everything from My Family and Other Animals to Waking the Dead to The Bill.

Ian Hogg – Pieter Slabbaert

The Miniaturist - Ian Hogg as Pieter Slabbaert

Who does Ian Hogg play? Schout of Amsterdam – a local official appointed to carry out law enforcement and prosecutions.


Where have I seen him before? Back in the 80s Ian Hogg starred in BBC series Rockliffe’s Babies and Rockliffe’s Folly as DS Alan Rockliffe. His TV CV includes EastEnders, Hitler: The Eise of Evil, The Last Valley, Little Dorrit and Bleak House. In Doctor Who he played villain Josiah Samuel Smith.