For fans of hit new Netflix show The Gentlemen, there may be some bad news on the horizon.


From the mind of Guy Ritchie, the crime comedy series has impressed viewers worldwide, with the season finale ending of a cliffhanger of sorts that perfectly sets up season 2 - but that might not be on the cards.

There have been mumblings of a second season, purely based on how good the first was, but in a new interview at Deadline's Contenders TV, Theo James has admitted it wasn't something that was discussed.

"I think it would be a wrangling process with all of us and Guy," he explained. "But also, I think with a show like this, if you're going to do more, you need to come up with a really interesting concept for season 2. Because as much as we enjoyed it and as fun as it was, it needs a narrative drive."

With any new instalment, a lot of work would need to go into it, with James concluding: "There needs to be discussions, as it were."

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The cast of The Gentlemen pose in character in a lavishly decorated room in a manor house
The Gentlemen. Netflix

The Gentlemen was an instant hit on Netflix when it debuted last month. Based on viewing figures by Barb, the UK's audience research body (via Deadline), the series came in 27th out of 50 in a list of the most-watch TV shows in the UK in a week.

Giancarlo Esposito, who plays Stanley Johnston in the series, told Digital Spy that "nothing was ever discussed" when it came to a second season.

He added: "But when you're in the last episode of the first season - a really great scene, I love Ray Winstone - then, you know, we have the possibility of going further. And I think the show does as well."

However, there is still hope, as Miramax's head of worldwide television, Marc Helwig, told Deadline they had "started that process" for a second instalment.

"There are some writers we've talked to, certainly lots of discussion with Guy about what he might want to do in a second season, what things to focus on."

He noted that there were active discussions about what a second season could look like, suggesting there is a chance of more yet!

The Gentlemen is available to stream on Netflix now. Sign up for Netflix from £4.99 a month. Netflix is also available on Sky Glass and Virgin Media Stream.


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