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Sky Rojo season 2 release date: Netflix's Spanish drama will be back this summer

Fans don't have long to wait for the next chapter in the action-packed series.

Coral and Moises in Sky Rojo
Published: Tuesday, 30th March 2021 at 4:31 pm

It hasn't been long at all since Sky Rojo burst onto Netflix with an action-packed and chaotic first season, but the wheels are already turning on a follow-up.


This intense drama from Money Heist creator Álex Pina follows three women who have been coerced and threatened into working as prostitutes for a vile pimp.

They break free of his grasp and proceed to go on the run, but with two formidable henchmen hot on their trail, it won't be easy to escape with their lives.

Little over a week since the first season landed on Netflix, the streaming service has already confirmed a release date for the second outing this summer.

Read on for everything we know about Sky Rojo season two, but beware that spoilers follow for the episodes released so far.

Sky Rojo season 2 release date

Good news: Sky Rojo will be getting a second season on Netflix, as the streaming service commissioned both instalments at once with its initial order.

It's a strong show of faith in the vision of creators Álex Pina and Esther Martínez Lobato, who have previously worked together on the international mega-hit Money Heist.

Additionally, this bulk order has allowed Sky Rojo to prepare its second season much quicker than a standard Netflix original, with a release date set for Friday 23rd July – just four months after the first entry debuted.

It's a great result for fans keen to know what happens next after an intense cliffhanger which left our leading ladies in dire peril – read on for more information on what went down.

Sky Rojo ending explained

Sky Rojo - Netflix

Sky Rojo's first season ended on a jaw-dropping cliffhanger that left every main character in a dangerous position.

Coral, Gina and Wendy have had a tough time since escaping from Romeo's club, but in the final episode we see them enact a plan that they hope will give them a chance at a fresh start.

Wendy and Gina get to work setting a trap for henchmen Moisés and Christian, while Coral bravely returns to the Las Novias Club to rob Romeo's safe of its cash and passports.

Suffice to say, things don't go quite as expected.

Moisés falls into the trap that Wendy and Gina set for him, inadvertently driving into a huge hole which the ladies then fill with gravel and sand, burying him alive.

But of course, Moisés doesn't go down without a fight and fires his gun at Wendy as she operates the digger, with one shot hitting her in the abdomen.

Sky Rojo cast on Netflix

In the final moments of the episode, she begins bleeding heavily and Gina looks terrified as any medical help is far away.

Moisés is in a similarly dire situation, facing a serious risk of suffocation unless someone can save him from the pit he's been buried in.

Unfortunately, he abandoned his brother Christian on the highway in an attempt to steer him away from a life of crime, while his only other ally, Romeo, is otherwise engaged.

Coral heads up to his office in Club Las Novias on the pretence of wanting to work for him again, but Romeo attacks her as he is furious that she slept with Moisés.

During the fight that ensues, Romeo suffers a heart attack after taking a huge amount of cocaine in an earlier scene and Coral makes the noble decision to try to save his life by performing CPR.

She successfully revives him, but he begins strangling her immediately after regaining consciousness, which is where things are left as the credits begin rolling.

Sky Rojo season 2 theories

After such a dramatic ending, it's hardly surprising that theories are cropping up about what could happen next, but at this point nobody knows for sure.

The first episode back will have a lot of questions to answer, with fans no doubt most intrigued by what the fate of Coral, Wendy and Moisés could be, as all three are in such imminent danger.

It's possible that Gina could decide to dig up Moisés as the only person in the vicinity who could possibly help Wendy, but of course, he would only do so on the condition that they return to the club and face the horrors that await them there.

As for Coral, she has proven herself to be a tough fighter and so while Romeo appeared to have the upper hand in the season one finale, we wouldn't be surprised to see her strike back with a devastating blow.

We'll keep this page updated with more Sky Rojo season two story details as they come in.

Sky Rojo season 2 cast

Sky Rojo on Netflix

The main cast of Sky Rojo are expected to return for the second season, including Verónica Sánchez, Lali Espósito and Yany Prado in the lead roles of Coral, Wendy and Gina.

Loathsome villains Romeo, Moisés and Christian are also likely to be back, portrayed by Asier Etxeandía, Miguel Ángel Silvestre and Enric Auquer respectively. 

Sky Rojo season 2 trailer

While we're yet to get a full-length trailer for season two, Netflix has revealed this intense date announcement teaser that seems to suggest Gina, Coral and Wendy will be turning the tables on their pursuers in the episodes to come.

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