Long-running BBC crime drama Silent Witness has returned for its 27th season, with five brand new cases across 10 shiny new episodes.


In the opening two episodes, a body is found in a church, "sparking fears that a serial killer has resurfaced after 20 years". But that's just the beginning.

During the season, "death terrorises a university campus and no one is safe, a mummified corpse is uncovered – seemingly forgotten by everyone, multiple bodies are found entombed beneath a train station in a makeshift mass grave, and the Lyell is infiltrated by a malevolent force".

But while their work life is as testing as ever, Nikki and Jack's relationship is the most solid it's ever been.

"Don't you think that the closer that they are and the stronger that they are together, the more vulnerable they become?" she said.

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"When you love someone that's when it can really, really hurt. If you don't care about someone or you're not bothered by it then it doesn't hurt so much, but now they're closer than ever so out of that great love comes great vulnerability too."

Season 27 premiered on Monday 8th January, with the rest of the series stripped across the following seven weeks.

Read on for Silent Witness season 27's release schedule.

When is Silent Witness season 27 on BBC One?

Velvy, Jack and Nikki standing in a line at a crime scene
Velvy (Alastair Michael), Jack Hodgson (David Caves) and Dr Nikki Alexander (Emilia Fox). BBC Studios/Gary Moyes

The seventh episode of Silent Witness season 27 will air on BBC One at 9pm tonight (Monday 5th February).

Episode 8 will air on Wednesday 7th February (due to the FA Cup airing on Tuesday 6th).

Silent Witness season 27 episode schedule

Below is a schedule for when new episodes will air on BBC One:

  • Episode 1 - Monday 8th January at 9pm
  • Episode 2 - Tuesday 9th January at 9pm
  • Episode 3 - Monday 15th January at 9pm
  • Episode 4 - Monday 22nd (episode was postponed due to an FA Cup replay)
  • Episode 5 - Monday 29th January at 9pm
  • Episode 6 - Tuesday 30th January at 9pm
  • Episode 7 - Monday 5th February at 9pm
  • Episode 8 - Wednesday 7th January at 9pm
  • Episode 9 - Monday 12th February at 9pm
  • Episode 10 - Tuesday 13th February at 9pm
  • Episode 11 - Monday 19th February at 9pm
  • Episode 12 - Tuesday 20th February at 9pm

When is Silent Witness season 27 on BBC iPlayer?

The first eight episodes of Silent Witness season 27 are available to watch now on BBC iPlayer.

The next two episodes will be available to watch on Monday 12th February from 8am.

New episodes arrive every Monday at 8am - unless there's an unexpected schedule change.

Silent Witness season 27 premiered on Monday 8th January on BBC One and iPlayer. Check out what else is on with our TV Guide and Streaming Guide, or visit our Drama hub for all the latest news and features.


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