Meet the cast of The Witness for the Prosecution

The BBC’s adaptation of the Agatha Christie classic brings together a glittering cast including Toby Jones, Kim Cattrall and Andrea Riseborough...

Romaine Heilger – Andrea Riseborough


Who is Romaine Heilger?

A revue dancer and Leonard’s Common-Law Wife, her Austrian heritage makes her an unpopular figure in 1920s London so soon after the War. Vole’s case also puts the media spotlight on her. At first she stands by her man when he is charged with murder, but events take a twist after that. And a few twists after that too…

Who is Andrea Riseborough?

The star of Bloodline was recently seen delivering a dazzling performance as the troubled daughter Dee in Channel 4’s Operation Yetwree-inspired drama National Treasure. Also had a brilliant cameo in the Oscar winning film Birdman.

Janet McIntyre – Monica Dolan


Who is Janet McIntyre

Emily French’s devoted servant, she seems to care about her mistress to an extreme degree. She also hated Vole – regarding him as bad news. But did she have a role in the death of Emily?

Who is Monica Dolan?

Has enjoyed big roles in the dramas Appropriate Adult, Eye in the Sky and The Casual Vacancy.

Sir Charles Carter – David Haig


Who is Sir Charles Carter?

Vole’s smoothy-chops barrister, he is only prepared to take on the case when he hears about the enormous wealth of the victim. The media attention (and the cheque) is likely to be heavy. A smart operator in the courtroom – but does he really understand what actually went on?

Who is David Haig?


The star of TV comedy The Thick of It and TV dramas Mo and My Boy Jack is also known for playing the hapless Bernard in the Richard Curtis classic Four Weddings and a Funeral.