Meet the cast of ITV’s HIM

Lucy Liemann plays Beth

Beth is HIM’s stepmother. She has a 12-year-old son from a previous relationship but is now married to HIM’s father Edward. They enjoy a fine lifestyle thanks to Edward’s career as a surgeon, but she’s not keen to let his son into their new family, especially now she and Edward are expecting twins. Being pregnant makes her particularly vulnerable…


“Her way of dealing with this vulnerability is to try to gain control of her life,” says Liemann. “Her house is pristine. She’s got everything organised for the twins. All this borne out of a fear of the unknown.”

Liemann is best known for playing beguiling head teacher Ellie in Rev. She also starred as Sarah in Sky1’s Agatha Raisin.


Patrick Robinson plays Victor

Victor, a widower, has embarked on a second marriage with Hannah and is thus HIM’s new stepfather. He and Hannah have recently had their own child. Victor is a devout Christian and tries to be a disciplinarian at home, with limited success. He worries that his daughter from a previous relationship, Faith, is being led astray by her new stepbrother.

“Victor is an ordinary guy who was a bit off the rails when he was younger,” says Robinson. “Generally he’s got a very good heart and he tries his best.”

Robinson’s most prominent TV role is as Ash in Casualty: he played the part between 1990 and 1996 but has regularly reprised it since. In 2013 he reached the semi-final of Strictly Come Dancing.


Simona Dawson plays Faith

Faith is Victor’s daughter, which makes her HIM’s new stepsister. The pair are both annoyed by Victor’s nagging, and are in the same year at school. They get along well. Very well. Really well.

“She’s very precocious and witty and self-sustained,” says Dawson. “But Faith has a fragility about her. She’s angry and lonely.”

Relative newcomer Dawson has previously had small roles in Run on C4 and the History Channel’s 2016 remake of Roots.


HIM starts tonight, 9pm ITV