With another set of cases cracked, the third season of detective show McDonald & Dodds has now come to an end on ITV.


This season saw the titular team investigate Formula 1 teams, mediums and social media influencers, but with the series currently only having eight episodes in total, we're sure there's still plenty more cases for the team to look into.

The drama once again starred Jason Watkins and Tala Gouveia, with the latter recently suggesting a storyline for a film spin-off.

Gouveia said: "Sometimes we make suggestions for storylines – Jason and I are both very keen on a holiday film. McDonald loves Tenerife, so we think it would be great to have a film set there, especially as we film in the winter. I can see Dodds in his Bermuda shorts. I think it would be such a great opportunity for loads of comedy. That's my pitch."

But will the detectives be back to solve more crime in the picturesque Bath for another season? Read on for everything you need to know about McDonald & Dodds season 4.

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Has McDonald & Dodds been renewed for season 4?

The series hasn't been officially renewed just yet, but as the third season has just come to an end it isn't necessarily anything to worry about.

We'll keep this page updated as soon as we have more information or the show has officially been recommissioned.

When will McDonald & Dodds season 4 be released?

Claire Skinner as Ormond.
Claire Skinner as Ormond. ITV

Without an official recommission for the show it's hard to say just when a fourth season would arrive on our screens.

However, if the show is renewed for more soon then we could expect the series to follow a similar release pattern to previous seasons, meaning that we could expect season 4 in just over a year's time. Don't mark your calendars just yet, but we'd anticipate a release around summer 2023.

McDonald & Dodds cast - who will return for season 4?

Jason Watkins as DS Dodds, Lily Sacofsky as DC Milena Paciorkowski, Danyal Ismail as DC Martin Malik and Tala Gouveia as DCI Lauren McDonald in McDonald & Dodds
Jason Watkins as DS Dodds, Lily Sacofsky as DC Milena Paciorkowski, Danyal Ismail as DC Martin Malik and Tala Gouveia as DCI Lauren McDonald ITV

We don't yet have a confirmed cast list for McDonald & Dodds season 4 but if it was to return then Tala Gouveia and Jason Watkins would surely have to return as the titular team. We would also expect to see other members of the police department back, including Claire Skinner as Chief Superintendent Ormond.

Here's a full list of the central cast that we'd expect to see return for season 4:

  • Jason Watkins as DS Dodds
  • Tala Gouveia as DCI Lauren McDonald
  • Claire Skinner as Chief Supt Ormond
  • Lily Sacofsky as DC Milena Paciorkowski
  • Danyal Ismail as DC Martin Malik
  • Charlie Chambers as DC Goldie

As always with McDonald & Dodds we'd also expect a host of guest stars to feature each week. This year's season included Alan Davies, Sarah Parish, Paul McGann and Louise Jameson amongst others, all in one-off roles as the suspects of the week.

Is there a trailer for McDonald & Dodds season 4?

There isn't a trailer available for McDonald & Dodds season 4 just yet but we'll make sure to update this page as soon as one becomes available.

McDonald & Dodds seasons 1-3 are available to watch now on ITV Hub. Check out our Drama hub for more news, interviews and features or find something to watch with our TV guide.


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