**Spoiler warning for Killing Eve seasons 3 and 4**


One of the most beloved characters in Killing Eve met his maker back in the show's third season and that was loveable hacker Kenny Stowton, played by Sean Delaney.

A familiar face in the show's first three runs, Kenny was a hacker working alongside Eve Polastri (Sandra Oh) to take down The Twelve and also stay one step ahead of psychopathic killer Villanelle (Jodie Comer).

Another facet of Kenny was his status as the son of enigmatic MI6 senior operative Carolyn Martens (Fiona Shaw), whose interests and motivations occasionally were in conflict with Kenny's.

However, in the third season, Kenny met an untimely end and Carolyn was left utterly devastated.

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Yet, who was responsible for all of this pain that Carolyn experienced? In light of Killing Eve coming to an end, here is everything you need to know about Kenny's fate.

Who killed Kenny Stowton in Killing Eve?

It seems the person responsible for Kenny Stowton's death was Konstantin Vasiliev.

Kenneth "Kenny" Stowton fell from a multi-storey building to his death in the third season premiere of Killing Eve.

The hacker had become a journalist at Bitter Pill after the MI6 division investigating The Twelve had been shut down and Kenny was determined to get to the truth.

Kenny was still living with his mother, senior MI6 figure Carolyn Martens, at the time of his death.

He continued to investigate The Twelve and looked into their financial records and wanted to speak to Eve Polastri.

When she visited his office, however, he was absent until she realised he had fallen from the building's roof.

Kim Bodnia as Konstantin
Was Konstantin Vasiliev responsible for Kenny's death? BBC America

However, it was later revealed that no one had pushed Kenny to his death but that he instead accidentally fell to his death after stepping backwards during a conversation with Konstantin Vasiliev who warned him that The Twelve would assassinate him.

So, it seemed like Kenny's death was a tragic accident after Konstantin revealed this to former lover Carolyn in a confrontation in the third season.

It was also revealed that prior to Kenny's death, he had questioned whether Konstantin was actually his biological father given the Russian spy's romantic history with Carolyn.

Yet, a scene in the fourth and final season that saw Carolyn receive a letter from the now-murdered Konstantin added some ambiguity to what happened as it clearly moved Carolyn.

Following the airing of the final episode of Killing Eve, executive producer Sally Woodward Gentle hinted at the contents of the letter to Deadline.

When Deadline suggested that the letter contained a profession of love for Carolyn or a tip-off to Eve and Villanelle's location, Gentle suggested: "I think that what he said is you’ve been chasing a ghost, and I killed Kenny. I think that’s what he said, and that I’ve always loved you, and that you will never forgive me."

Fiona Shaw as Carolyn Martens in Killing Eve
Carolyn Martens (Fiona Shaw) may have learned the truth about Kennys' death in the finale BBC America/David Emery

When pressed on whether Konstantin killing Kenny was canon, Gentle added: " I think it is a little bit up in the air whether he did. I think for Carolyn, deep in her heart, she knew that Konstantin was ultimately responsible for Kenny’s death, but she needed the excuse to stay in the game and to stay occupied."

She added: "I think ultimately Konstantin was probably responsible for Kenny’s death. But who knows?"

So, while it may not be definitive, it seems Konstantin is to blame, even if being just partially responsible for the accident that killed Kenny.

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