Kelly Macdonald has revealed that she doesn't expect a return to Line of Duty.


The finale of the sixth season of the hit BBC crime series saw the actress’ character DCI Joanne Davidson end up in a secret location and apparently with a new love interest and even a dog.

However, given that other leads - namely Keeley Hawes - returned for more episodes, does Macdonald see her character returning in the future?

The Scottish actress discussed the show with when being interviewed for her new film Operation Mincemeat.

When asked about a potential return, Macdonald said: "I don't think my character will be back. I suppose it’s a possibility at some point."

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The series had been in production while Macdonald was also working on Operation Mincemeat amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, proving to be a strange time for the actress.

“I have to say that Line of Duty for me was a very odd experience because of COVID," revealed Macdonald. "It was strange days and it feels there's life before COVID and life after, and Line of Duty was right at that point for me.”

Macdonald’s Operation Mincemeat co-star Penelope Wilton recalled Macdonald learning lines for the series while working on the film too, noting that Line of Duty offered Macdonald a "difficult script".

Kelly Macdonald as Jean Leslie in Operation Mincemeat
Kelly Macdonald as Jean Leslie in Operation Mincemeat Courtesy of See-Saw Films

During the interview, Macdonald also recalled how she got the part of Jean Leslie in the new World War II film, which explores an espionage operation by British secret services to trick the Nazi regime.

“I’m friends with Colin [Firth] and we had been for lunch and he was telling me - because I know John Madden as well, the director, through Colin just over the years - and he said, 'Oh, John's making this film and I think we're going to do it.’

"And he told me the story. And I was saying, 'It’s just fascinating' and, ‘You have to definitely do it'."

Macdonald then explained that a few weeks later she got a call asking her to join the film and she noted she was "thrilled" to take part.

Operation Mincemeat is out now in UK cinemas. Line of Duty seasons 1 to 6 are available now on BBC iPlayer.

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