Alice Oseman has revealed their favourite scene from the Heartstopper television series.


The Netflix teen drama, based on Oseman’s graphic novels of the same name, released its first season to critical acclaim last year.

The show centres on the romance between British school pupils Charlie (Joe Locke) and Nick (Kit Connor), along with the romances and friendships of those around them.

The series is set to return for a second and third season following a double renewal by Netflix.

Speaking at the BFI Future Film Festival on Friday (17th February 2023), Oseman was asked by an audience member what their favourite scene was from the show so far.

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Oseman revealed: “I do actually know my answer to this. It’s the scene in Charlie’s bedroom at the start of episode 4 when Nick has run in the rain to come and speak to Charlie. That is my favourite.”

Meanwhile, Oseman also revealed what had been the most difficult scene for the show to film in terms of practical issues when questioned by an aspiring director.

“Like, practically, yeah, rugby,” laughed Oseman. “So difficult. Just, firstly, trying to stage a rugby match, like figure out where everyone needs to know exactly where they’re going."

Kit Connor as Nick Nelson in Heartstopper.
Kit Connor as Nick Nelson in Heartstopper. Netflix

They added: "We had a rugby coach, we had to get a rugby coach in and that was just very very difficult because you can’t actually kick a ball in the same way every time.

“Also, particularly the rugby match where it’s raining as well, so we had to deal with rugby and also the rain machines and on a day where it was also boiling hot. So, that was a stressful time, yeah.”

When asked about Heartstopper’s relationship with “queer joy”, Osman also noted that the show explores dark themes but “always with a feeling of hope and optimism - the idea that things can get better and there is a happy ending.”

Oseman also noted that darker and more tragic series and films are also “very important” and some they are big fans of, but “there should also be a space for joy”.

We couldn’t agree more!

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