Coming-of-age romantic drama Heartstopper became a global phenomenon when it debuted on Netflix earlier this year, with a fanbase who are now eager to get an insight into what will be in store for Charlie, Nick and the rest of the characters when the show returns for its second season.


The creatives behind the series are remaining coy regarding their plans, but dropped some small hints for fans while speaking at a panel for the Edinburgh International TV Festival 2022.

Alice Oseman, writer of the both the Heartstopper web comics and the Netflix adaptation, said while on the panel that the team have been "working on" season 2, but remained tight-lipped about what was in store for fans.

Meanwhile, executive producer Patrick Walters teased that art teacher Mr Ajayi, played by Fisayo Akinade, would have his own developing storyline across future instalments.

Joe Locke as Charlie Spring and Kit Connor as Nick Nelson in Heartstopper.
Joe Locke and Kit Connor in Heartstopper. Netflix

When asked about some fans feeling melancholic while watching the series, as they were getting to see a school experience which was more positive, affirming and inclusive than their own, Walters said that the show had "a spirit" that "it's never too late".

He then added: "Not to get too much into it, but we’ve got Mr Ajayi whose storyline is going to develop in subsequent seasons and that’s going to be just as lovely and joyful as Nick and Charlie’s, so there is hope."

Heartstopper is based on a web comic series, which was itself a spin-off of Oseman's first novel Solitaire. That book included Charlie and Nick as minor characters, while in Heartstopper their relationship took centre stage.

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At the Edinburgh International TV Festival panel, Oseman was asked whether there could therefore be a separate adaptation of Solitaire yet to come, and an entire universe of Heartstopper shows on Netflix.

She responded that there are "no current plans", adding: "I think my life is consumed by Heartstopper at the moment, I literally don’t have the brain space to think about anything else."

So it seems that, for now, fans will have to make do with the already announced second and third seasons of the smash-hit series.

Heartstopper seasons 2 and 3 are coming to Netflix, with the first season available to stream now. Check out more of our Drama coverage or visit our TV Guide to see what’s on tonight.


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