Tom Hanks is returning to a Second World War setting for his latest movie, which shines a light on one of the most important battlegrounds of the conflict.


Greyhound brings the Battle of the Atlantic to life on-screen like never before, which saw the Allies and the Germans fighting continuously over a period of six years to ensure crucial supplies could reach the UK.

In addition to taking the starring role, Hanks has also penned the screenplay to this war flick, which is based on a novel by CS Forester and set to debut on Apple TV+ this summer.

Here's everything we know so far about Greyhound...

When is Greyhound released on Apple TV+?

Greyhound will arrive exclusively on Apple TV+ on Friday 10th July.

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The film had been intended for a cinema release in June 2020, but when the coronavirus pandemic led to the closure of cinemas around the world, Apple struck a $70 million deal to have it go directly to its streaming service.

Due to a temporary rule change, Greyhound will still be eligible for Academy Awards despite foregoing a theatrical release. That is, if the critics take a shine to it...

What is Greyhound about?

Set in 1942, Greyhound stars Tom Hanks as US Navy Commander Ernest Krause, who is given command of a destroyer for the first time ever and sent into one of the most hostile battlefields of the Second World War.

Aboard the USS Keeling (which uses the call sign "greyhound"), he is to lead a convoy of 37 Allied ships through the North Atlantic, with a pack of German U-boats hot on their trail.

It will be the ultimate test of endurance for Krause and his crew, that will require him to confront his personal demons as well as their enemies on the open waters.

Is Greyhound a true story?

Greyhound is adapted from a fictional war novel titled The Good Shepherd, written by CS Forester and published in 1955.

As such, the story of Krause and his crew is not factual, but does take some inspiration from real events that took place across the six-year Battle of the Atlantic, which claimed the lives of 80,000 allied servicemen.

Who is in the cast of Greyhound?

World-famous actor Tom Hanks takes the lead role in Greyhound as US Navy Commander Ernest Krause, who previously starred in Steven Spielberg's iconic World War II film, Saving Private Ryan.

Crew members of the USS Keeling are played by Line of Duty's Stephen Graham, Marvel-Netflix star Rob Morgan, From Dusk 'Til Dawn's Manuel Garcia Rulfo and Grantchester's Tom Brittney.

Elisabeth Shue (Amazon Prime's The Boys) also stars, seemingly as a love interest of Hanks character who is praying for his safe return to dry land.

Is there a trailer for Greyhound?

Yes, you can get a first look at Greyhound in the trailer below, which shows off the terrifying setting and relentless action of the battle...


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