Greetings, Geek Girl fans. If you're reading this page, you've already raced through all 10 episodes and are desperate to know what the future holds for Holly Smales's Netflix adaptation.

Is Harriet Manners returning to our screens? And what exciting adventures await?

"I'd love for people to want to know what happens to Harriet next, and I'd love to revisit Harriet," star Emily Carey told RadioTimes.com.

"She was so much fun [to play]. And this cast is one of the best casts I've ever worked with. I know it's so cliché and every actor says this about their show, but it is like a family. We all get along so well and I adore them. We had the best summer.

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"And so the thought of being able to do that again is very exciting."

Read on for everything we know so far about a potential Geek Girl season 2.

Has Geek Girl been renewed for season 2?

There's currently no word on the status of the show, but there's plenty of story left to tell.

"With the source material, there are quite a number of books," said Carey of the novels written by Smales.

"Season 1 is book 1, and then we pulled stories in from 2 and 3 to adapt it for the screen. There's a lot of source material, so it's definitely a show that could go on and on and on. The story is not necessarily over at the end of season 1."

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Watch this space for updates.

When could a potential Geek Girl season 2 air?

If the show does return, we wouldn't expect it to arrive until 2025 at least - most likely from the second quarter onwards.

Who could return for a potential Geek Girl season 2?

Natalie and Emily walking next to one another with the London O2 behind them
Rochelle Harrington plays Natalie Grey. Netflix

Alongside Carey as Harriet, we'd expect to see the following all return:

  • Rochelle Harrington as Natalie Grey
  • Liam Woodrum as Nick Park
  • Emmanuel Imani as Wilbur Evans
  • Tim Downie as Richard Manners
  • Jemima Rooper as Annabel Manners
  • Zac Looker as Toby Pilgrim

Other characters who could return are Yuji Lee (Sandra Yi Sencindiver), Jude Paignton (Sarah Parish), who was fired by Yuji, Poppy Hepple-Cartwright (Daisy Jelley), Lexi (Mia Jenkins), Betty (Hebe Beardsall), Mr J Fiennes (James Murray), Miss Lord (Alana Boden) and Maia Grey (Hersha Verity).

And it's likely we'll meet some new faces, too.

What could happen in a potential Geek Girl season 2?

Harriet and Nick laughing together on a bridge
Harriet and Nick in Geek Girl. Netflix

It was all's well that ends well at the end of season 1.

Harriet closed Yuji's show – despite Poppy trying to sabotage her – and she's also now the face of the designer's latest campaign, with her modelling career finally getting started after one or two hiccups along the way.

If season 2 does get the nod, expect plenty more catwalks and photoshoots.

Harriet and Nick are also now officially an item – and a very cute pair, we should add. Their relationship is currently going from strength to strength after a very public kiss at Yuji's show, and the series also wrapped up with them locking lips in central London.

But we predict some hurdles for the lovers if Geek Girl is renewed (this is a drama, after all).

And while Harriet was able to overcome her anxieties during Yuji's show, that will, of course, continue to rear its head because it's a part of her.

But having defeated enemies Jude, Poppy and Lexi and learning to own what makes her different, Harriet now knows she is capable of anything.

Is there a trailer for a potential Geek Girl season 2?

If season 2 is given the green light, expect the trailer to arrive in the month leading up to the premiere.

Geek Girl season 1 is available to stream nowsign up for Netflix from £4.99 a month. Netflix is also available on Sky Glass and Virgin Media Stream.


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