Toby Jones and Anthony Boyle to lead cast of new BBC drama Danny Boy

The feature-length programme tells the story of real-life Iraq war veteran Brian Wood.

Toby Jones and Anthony Boyle

Toby Jones and Anthony Boyle have been announced as the leads in upcoming BBC Two drama Danny Boy, which has recently begun filming.


The feature-length programme is described by the BBC as a “compelling new drama” and will tell the story of a former war hero who finds himself accused of murder, based on the real-life experiences of Iraq veteran Brian Wood.

Wood, who is played on the series by Ordeal By Innocence star Boyle, was accused of war crimes by the Iraq Historical Abuse Team, represented by human rights lawyer Phil Shiner, played by Jones, with the pair subsequently locked in a legal battle which led to one of the country’s biggest ever public inquiries.

Ultimately, the inquiry found that the claims against Wood were false and the “product of deliberate lies” and Shiner was struck off for misconduct.

The drama has been written by Party Animals scribe Robert Jones and will be directed by Sam Miller (I May Destroy You), with a supporting cast that includes Alex Ferns (Chernobyl) as Wood’s father Gavin and Leah McNamara (Normal People) as his wife Lucy.

The BBC’s description continues, “Memory, evidence and trauma collide, as Brian finds himself caught on the fine line between war and unlawful killing.

“After his service in Iraq and years of legal investigation, will he ever be able to look his family in the eye again and be the husband, father, and son, they need him to be?”

Star Boyle said, “I’m thrilled to be working with Sam Miller on Robert Jones’ phenomenal script, and telling Brian’s extraordinary story. We get to explore not just the realities of war, but how they can come back to haunt you.”

Toby Jones added, “Robert has written an extraordinarily compelling, intelligent and nuanced script, and it’s a real honour to be working with Danny Boy’s exceptional cast and creative team to bring it to the screen.”

And Robert Jones said, “Here’s a man who won a medal for valour but whose toughest test was the scrutiny that followed. External scrutiny, and soul searching too – Brian Wood’s story is a fascinating one for a writer to explore.

“It’s been a great privilege to work with producers of such distinction and I’m really delighted we’re going into production with Sam Miller at the helm and a terrific cast and crew.”


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