Broadchurch: where we left the characters at the end of series two

It's been three years since last we saw the residents of Broadchurch, so here's a reminder of their stories so far...

Tom Miller – Adam Wilson


For much of series one, Ellie’s eldest son seemed as likely to have thrown Danny Latimer off a cliff as the next person in town, but with his father on trial he decided he’d push his mother over the edge (metaphorically) in series two instead.

The young lad couldn’t get his head around what had happened and when he wasn’t meeting up with Mark Latimer to play video games he spent much of his time arguing with his mum about why nobody was defending his dad.

Tom moved in with his aunt and cousin Olly before taking the witness stand to defend his father, leaving Ellie utterly aghast. Eventually, though, she regained her fiery spirit, ordering him home in serious style. It remains to be seen if the pair have truly reconciled, but chances are we’ll find out quite soon.

Chloe Latimer – Charlotte Beaumont


Danny Latimer’s sister spent much of series one hiding a secret boyfriend and watching her family fall apart and series two wasn’t much different for Beth and Mark’s eldest daughter.

Her brother’s death and Joe’s trial threw her life into disarray, to the point where she struggled to return to school to complete her education. With her family’s secrets laid bare in court and her mother’s friendship with Ellie on the rocks, Chloe barely had time to breathe before the birth of her baby sister, Lizzy.


Three years on, will the teenager finally have her life back on track?