Beyond Paradise's Humphrey and Martha left London for a quieter life, but their arrival in Shipton Abbott has been far from smooth sailing.


They've both been tested personally and professionally, with the arrival of Martha's ex-fiancé Archie the latest hurdle placed before them.

He's a vineyard owner who not only supplies Martha with the wine for the Ten Mile Kitchen, he's also a junior partner in her business, which means he's not going anywhere.

In tonight's episode, Archie and Humphrey grab a beer together after the former suggests they "get to know one another", but it emerges the only things they have in common are Martha and cheese and onion crisps, which does nothing to dispel the awkwardness between them.

And that iciness is set to rumble on next week.

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In the teaser for episode 4 – which airs in two weeks' time due to Comic Relief's Red Nose Day next Friday – Archie and an emotional-looking Martha can be seen having an intense conversation at the café. They're stood close to one another, with his hands resting on her arms.

"It's perfectly obvious your feelings for Archie are starting to come back," says Anne to her daughter.

martha and archie stood next to one another on front of the Ten Mile Kitchen bar
Martha Lloyd (Sally Bretton) and Archie Hughes (Jamie Bamber). Red Planet Pictures/Craig Hardie BBC/Red Planet Pictures/Craig Hardie

Is it all just a big misunderstanding? Or has Martha fallen back under his spell?

"I need to tell you something," Martha says to her husband a short time later, a lump in her throat.

Does her news have something to do with her former flame? Or perhaps she has some baby news to impart. We certainly hope for the latter, anyway.

It's highly unlikely the team behind the show are planning to destroy their marriage – where on earth would Beyond Paradise go from there?! – but they're certainly not averse to creating a little bit of drama along the way.

Beyond Paradise continues on BBC One and BBC iPlayer on Friday 24th March at 8pm. Check out more of our Drama coverage or visit our TV Guide and Streaming Guide to see what's on tonight.


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