Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney's Welcome to Wrexham has been renewed for season 4 on Disney Plus, which will continue following their efforts to turn Wrexham AFC into one of the UK's top football clubs.


The two Hollywood stars are best known for the likes of Deadpool and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, but made major strides into football with their $2.5 million purchase of the small Welsh club.

In a real-life Ted Lasso story, they sought to propel the struggling team to the highest ranks of the sport and – so far – it's a plan that seems to be working out.

The third season, currently airing weekly on Disney Plus, takes viewers inside the club's recent promotion to the EFL’s League One, which is their second step up in as many years.

In an interview with USA Today, Reynolds said: "We are pushing as hard as humanly possible for this club to get as far as possible in this sport, in the least amount of time."

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McElhenney added: "We will do whatever we have to within the confines of the rules to make that happen. That's literally our job."

Disney and US broadcaster FX have now confirmed that a fourth season will be produced to chronicle the next stage of Wrexham's journey, which will surely be the toughest yet.

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney in Welcome to Wrexham season 3, sat in a room and talking to the camera
Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney in Welcome to Wrexham season 3. FX/Disney Plus

Nick Grad, President of FX Entertainment, commented: "Wrexham AFC has exceeded all expectations on the pitch and with fans, scoring back-to-back promotions under the leadership of Rob and Ryan and rising to compete in League One next season.

"Welcome to Wrexham is scoring big too, winning five Emmy Awards and a fourth season that will continue to document the team’s remarkable journey and its impact on the Wrexham community and growing legion of fans worldwide."

The programme has brought unprecedented media attention to the small city of Wrexham, with several major stars turning up to support the local team, including Reynolds' Deadpool & Wolverine co-star Hugh Jackman.

Welcome to Wrexham is available to stream on Disney Plus.


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