Ted Lasso's emotional season 3 finale, which saw Jason Sudeikis's character making the decision to leave London and return to the US to coach his son Henry’s soccer team, seemed to bring an end to the breakout Apple TV+ comedy.

But, while there was much speculation that this was the final season of the show, creator and star Sudeikis never explicitly confirmed season 3 was the last.

And now Nick Mohammed, who played Nathan Shelley, has teased that another season of the hit series might be on the horizon.

On Friday (17th November 2023), the star posted a photo of himself smirking at the camera and wrote in the caption: "One year to the day since Ted Lasso wrapped.

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"And one year to the day that I accidentally posted this spoiler of Nate in AFC Richmond kit! Promise it won’t happen again on season 4 - now wait."

So is a fourth season of Ted Lasso on the way? Read on for everything you need to know about a potential Ted Lasso (or AFC Richmond) season 4, or possible spin-off series.

Will there be a Ted Lasso season 4?

Jason Sudeikis and Hannah Waddingham in Ted Lasso
Jason Sudeikis and Hannah Waddingham in Ted Lasso. Apple TV+

While it has been made clear that season 3 will mark the end of the three season arc the show's creators had planned from the start, many of the series' cast members have also been clear that a new arc beyond that is possible.

Coach Beard star and co-creator Brendan Hunt previously told Consequence: "Yes. Another arc is possible after this, for sure. We have always seen it as some kind of three-beat thing.

"Originally those three beats were more going to be modelled on what The Office did, you know: six eps, a special, boom, we’re done. We’ve certainly expanded those beats, but it does not mean that the whole kit and caboodle is getting chucked."

In addition, the season 3 finale, which saw Ted say goodbye to Richmond for good and Roy take over as Richmond’s manager, seemed to hint that a spin-off could be on the cards one day.

The tease came as Ted suggested that Trent Crimm change the title of his book about the club and Ted's management.

"Great job Trent. I loved it!! One small suggestion... I'd change the title. It's not about me. It never was. Ted," Ted said, prompting Trent to change the title to The Richmond Way.

This seems to suggest that, should the show continue in some form, it will no longer be called Ted Lasso, but rather something like The Richmond Way or simply AFC Richmond.

That would also make sense given how vocal Ted star and co-creator Jason Sudeikis has been about this season being the end of the story they planned to tell from the off.

He claimed to Deadline earlier this year: "This is the end of this story that we wanted to tell, that we were hoping to tell, that we loved to tell," he said. "The fact that folks will want more and are curious beyond more than what they don’t even know yet — that being season 3 — it’s flattering.

"Maybe by May 31st, once all 12 episodes of the season [have been released], they’re like, 'Man, you know what, we get it, we’re fine. We don’t need anymore, we got it.' But until that time comes, I will appreciate the curiosity beyond what we’ve come up with so far."

What's more, a recent post on Ted Lasso’s Twitter account seemed to signal an end to the show.

"A few years ago I hopped on a plane with Coach Beard headin’ to a little town in London," the fictional character's account wrote on Twitter on Tuesday 30th May. "Tonight we play our final match."

Exactly what the future holds for the show remains unknown, but for now we'll keep this page updated with any further news which is announced regarding a potential season 4.

When would Ted Lasso season 4 be released?

Juno Temple and Hannah Waddingham in Ted Lasso
Juno Temple as Keeley and Hannah Waddingham as Rebecca in Ted Lasso. Apple TV+

As the series has yet to be officially renewed for a fourth season, it's difficult to say when it would arrive on Apple TV+.

However, we can use previous seasons' release dates to suggest when new episodes could arrive.

Season 1 arrived in summer 2020 and season 2 followed around a year later in 2021. However, the gap between seasons 2 and 3 was longer, lasting for almost two years until March 2023.

Given the current uncertainty surrounding the series' future, we'd imagine that a longer break is more likely than a quick turn-around. Therefore, if a fourth season does get commissioned, then an early-to-mid-2025 release date seems likely.

We'll keep this page updated as soon as any more information becomes available.

Ted Lasso cast: who would be back for season 4?

Jason Sudeikis and Nick Mohammed in Ted Lasso
Jason Sudeikis as Ted and Nick Mohammed as Nate in Ted Lasso. Apple TV+

Given the ongoing mystery surrounding Ted Lasso's future, there's a chance that a fourth season will be commissioned but with a shake-up as the storyline enters a new arc.

This could mean a minor cast reshuffle, with just one or two cast members leaving, or a full overhaul, with the series picking up with a new team at the top of Richmond AFC.

One thing which could suggest a more substantial change is the growing commitments outside of the show that the current cast list are taking on.

For instance, Brett Goldstein, writer on the series and Roy Kent star, recently created another Apple TV+ comedy-drama Shrinking alongside Bill Lawrence, one of Ted Lasso's co-creators.

When speaking about why Goldstein did not make an appearance as a character in Shrinking's first season, Lawrence told RadioTimes.com to "ask Brett to do a character next year" on the show, while that show's star Jason Segel said: "He's busy doing Lasso but my dream would be that he comes through as one of the characters."

With that series now renewed for a second season, might Goldstein be lured to take an on-screen role in Shrinking, rather than returning for a fourth season of Ted Lasso? Only time will tell.

For now, here's a list of the season 3 cast members who could be back for season 4, if the show isn't planning a major cast shake-up.

  • Jason Sudeikis as Ted Lasso
  • Hannah Waddingham as Rebecca Welton
  • Brendan Hunt as Coach Beard
  • Brett Goldstein as Roy Kent
  • Juno Temple as Keeley Jones
  • Jeremy Swift as Leslie Higgins
  • Nick Mohammed as Nathan Shelley
  • Phil Dunster as Jamie Tartt
  • Toheeb Jimoh as Sam Obisanya
  • Cristo Fernández as Dani Rojas
  • Kola Bokinni as Isaac McAdoo
  • Billy Harris as Colin Hughes
  • James Lance as Trent Crimm
  • Anthony Head as Rupert Mansion
  • Sarah Niles as Dr Sharon Fieldstone
  • Stephen Manas as Richard Montlaur
  • Moe Jeudy-Lamour as Thierry Zoreaux
  • David Elsendoorn as Jan Maas
  • Mohammed Hashim as Moe Bumbercatch
  • Charlie Hiscock as Will Kitman
  • Andrea Anders as Michelle Lasso
  • Annette Badland as Mae
  • Adam Colborne, Bronson Webb and Kevin Garry as Baz, Jeremy and Paul
  • Ellie Taylor as Flo 'Sassy' Collins
  • Keeley Hazel as Bex
  • Phoebe Walsh as Jane Payne
  • Elodie Blomfield as Phoebe
  • Bill Fellows as George Cartrick
  • Dame Harriet Walter as Deborah Welton
  • Jodi Balfour as Jack
  • Katy Wix as Barbara

Is there a trailer for Ted Lasso season 4?

There isn't a trailer available for Ted Lasso season 4, as the show is still yet to be officially renewed - let alone having new episodes filmed.

We'll keep this page updated if and when any new footage is released, and in the meantime you can rewatch the trailer for season 3 right here, now.

Ted Lasso seasons 1-3 are streaming now on Apple TV+ — you can sign up to Apple TV+ here.

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