Denise Huskins and Aaron Quinn survived a harrowing kidnapping in March 2015, only to suffer another ordeal when they were accused of faking Huskins’s abduction in a case dubbed by some as one of the "real life Gone Girl".


Eventually, a man called Matthew Muller was revealed as the perpetrator for the kidnapping.

Now, a Netflix series from the team behind The Tinder Swindler is delving into the details of the kidnapping and its aftermath, titled American Nightmare.

If you’ve already watched the series and are wondering where Huskins and Aaron Quinn are now, as well as whether they're still together, read on for everything you need to know.

What happened to American Nightmare subjects Denise Huskins and Aaron Quinn?

In 2015, Aaron Quinn told the police his girlfriend, Denise Huskins, had been abducted by masked kidnappers.

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Recounting their experience to ABC News, the couple said they had been awakened at 3am by assailants who had broken into their home.

Quinn recalled that the intruders told Huskins to tie Quinn's feet together and his hands behind his back. Huskins said she was then told to walk to the bedroom closet.

Huskins told ABC News that the assailants had tied her up and then brought Quinn to the closet. The man then covered their eyes with swimming goggles that had been covered with duct tape and put headphones on them.

"There were these pre-recorded messages," Huskins said of what she could hear from the headphones. "They were going to give us a sedative, and if we didn't take it, they would inject it."

Denise Huskins and Aaron Quinn appear at a news conference with attorney Doug Rappaport in San Francisco looking upset
Denise Huskins and Aaron Quinn. Paul Chinn/The San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images

The couple were told that their attackers were from a well-organised and highly-trained group that collected financial debt. They informed Quinn that Huskins would be kidnapped and returned in 48 hours if he paid a ransom.

After the couple were drugged, one of the intruders put Huskins in the boot of his car and drove her to Lake Tahoe, keeping her captive for two days and sexually assaulting her, as per CBS Bay Area. He then drove nearly 500 miles and released her in Huntington Beach, near Los Angeles.

In June 2015, police began investigating a case involving a masked intruder and found evidence that connected Huskin and Quinn's case to former Marine Matthew Muller.

Where are Denise Huskins and Aaron Quinn now?

Huskins and Quinn got married in 2018. They went on to have a child, who Huskins said was born five years to the day that she was released by her kidnapper.

Huskins told ABC News: "You can go through any kind of trauma to where it leaves you devastated and in a place where you just think, 'This is impossible to move forward from. What do I do next?'

"I think ours is an example of that. There is hope. It might take time and it might be a lot of hard work, but there is hope."

In 2021, the couple co-authored a book with Nicole Weisensee Egan, titled Victim F: From crime victims to suspects to survivors.

Both Huskins and Quinn feature in American Nightmare on Netflix.

Are Denise Huskins and Aaron Quinn still together?

Yes. The final episode of American Nightmare reveals the couple are still together.

In press notes provided by Netflix, the couple answered whether they think they would have stayed together if it hadn’t been for the kidnapping ordeal.

"I think we would have stayed together, and I think that's why we were able to stay together," Huskins said.

"When you go through traumatic experiences, it does strip away some of the noise," Quinn said. "You start realising what's really important: our relationship with each other, and our relationship with our families and close friends. The level of exposure from this series will probably be quite a lot.

"But I know that when I come home, I'll be with Denise and our girls. We have a solid bedrock, and places to go where people love us for who we are."

American Nightmare is available to watch on Netflix now.

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