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Richard Madeley interviewed a naked protester on GMB and it all went a bit Partridge

“It’s unusual, it’s a bit strange, but it’s not shocking or rude,” the presenter was keen to emphasise

Published: Tuesday, 12th February 2019 at 9:44 am

Richard Madeley had a few “accidental Partridge” moments when interviewing a naked anti-Brexit campaigner on Good Morning Britain.


Dr Victoria Bateman, who believes that leaving the European Union leaves Britain "naked", appeared in the GMB studio on Tuesday morning in the nude to speak to stand-in host Madeley and his co-presenter Kate Garraway.

In the clip above, a rather flustered Madeley explains which parts of the slogan “Brexit means Britain naked” are on top of or underneath each of Dr Bateman's breasts, before adding: “It’s beautifully written in capitals, who wrote it?”

Madeley was quick to reiterate that he definitely did not find Dr Bateman’s nakedness at all shocking in any way.

“As the only male presenter here, I don’t find it at all shocking,” he said. “It’s unusual, it’s a bit strange, but it’s not shocking or rude.”

He added that the crew’s main problem had been where to put the microphone.

It's not the first time Madeley has been compared with Steve Coogan’s TV creation Alan Partridge – and we're sure it won't be the last...


Dr Bateman also stripped off to make her point on Radio 4’s Today programme, and revealed presenter John Humphrys had been unaware she was going to take off her clothes.


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