Fans of vintage '90s TV celebrated when they heard that Dinosaurs would finally be coming to streaming on Disney Plus but for us in the UK, we were left disappointed when we missed out on the series being added to our library.


But the show being missing from Disney+ UK is about to change and we now know exactly when we will be able to watch it alongside US subscribers.

Read on for all we know about the Jim Henson classic.

How to watch Dinosaurs in the UK

Good news! Despite the UK initially missing out on reliving the adventures of the Sinclair family, we can now confirm that Dinosaurs will be landing on the service on 9th April - and all four seasons will be available for us to watch.

Now, if everyone could watch this in record numbers so that a new season gets commissioned, that would be great.

What is Dinosaurs about?

dinosaurs baby

The comedy show is about the daily life and hijinks of the Sinclair family – a clan of anthropomorphic dinosaurs. They go to work, they argue, they fall in love and do all the things that we do - the one big difference being that they are dinosaurs living in the prehistoric age.

How many seasons of Dinosaurs are there?

There are four seasons of Dinosaurs that ran from 1991 to 1994. Episode wise, the show clocked up 65 episodes by the time it drew to a close.

Why was Dinosaurs cancelled?

It comes down to finances - the show was just too expensive to make with the low audience numbers it was getting near the end. The costumes were one of the main things that were costly to maintain, but if the show does do well in the streaming world, could we get another season? If it undoes that bleak ending then we are all for it!


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