Community star Danny Pudi has given an update on plans for a film of the series, revealing that he's still "very, very hopeful" it will happen.


In an exclusive interview, Pudi told that the cast are still discussing the possibility of a Community film.

"We're still talking about it, you know, so it's still out there. It's still possible. I think there's still a lot of interest.

"I've said that I'm in so I'm excited about it. If and when it happens, I just know that there's a lot of elements that have to come together to make it work but I'm hopeful. I'm still very, very hopeful.

"Can't say anymore than that but I'm hopeful," he added.

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Pudi, who recently starred in the Disney Plus film Flora & Ulysses, played film enthusiast Abed in the NBC comedy from 2009 until 2015, following an eclectic group of community college students in the fictional Colorado town of Greendale.

When asked which episodes he'd recommend to those re-watching during the pandemic, Pudi had two picks.

"I think my favourite episode of Community is Critical Film Studies – it's an episode where there's a Pulp Fiction element, but there's also a My Dinner with Andre element and that episode was directed by Richard Ayoade.

"That is my favourite episode – it's season two. And that to me is just a really bizarre, interesting episode. I think if you watch the pilot of Community and then watch that episode, you would wonder what happened. Where did this show go? Why are we here?"

He added that his second favourite episode was season one's Modern Warfare – also known as the first paintball episode.

"Second episode I would say to watch, just because it's less character-based and more just kind of fun, would be just paintball. I think the first paintball episode is the one right now which would feel really fun, because it takes your interior and completely transforms it."

Flora & Ulysses is available to watch on Disney Plus. Sign up to Disney+ for £5.99 a month or save 15% with the annual plan for £59.99.


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