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Daniel Mays says new show Code 404 is like "a love child of Short Circuit and Some Mothers Do Have 'em"

Mays' co-star Stephen Graham said that he had never had more fun on set

Stephen Graham and Daniel Mays in Code 404
Published: Monday, 27th April 2020 at 2:58 pm

A new show starring Stephen Graham and Daniel Mays seems like cause for excitement- and according to the former Line of Duty pair, their upcoming Sky One series Code 404 has been influenced by a range of past series.


Speaking to and other press during a live-streamed Q&A to promote the series, Mays said that the show was like "a love child of Short Circuit (the 1986 science fiction film starring Ally Sheedy) and Some Mothers Do Have 'em."

The series tells the story of DI Roy Carver and DI John Major, the latter of whom is killed in an early scene - only to be brought back to life using experimental Artificial Intelligence, with dramatic and often comedic consequences.

And Mays said that the mixture of serious drama and more light-hearted elements is what makes the show work.

"The brilliance of the show is that you can have real moments of laugh-out-loud comedy," he said. "But then it's sort of underpinned with serious bits of acting and drama. So it's a show that constantly keeps you on your toes."

He added that because the show shifts genres a fair bit - containing slapstick comedy, a love triangle and a conspiracy thriller storyline, it is "punching well above its weight" and will "tick a lot of boxes" for viewers.

Stephen Graham and Daniel Mays star in Code 404, a new original comedy set in the near future in the Special Investigation Unit at the London Met.

Meanwhile Graham - who recently confirmed that he is set to join the cast of Peaky Blinders - added that the double act at the show's core was "like the adopted bastard children of the Two Ronnies meets the Sweeney."

"Major and Carver are your classic double act," added Mays. "They complement each other really well and it's a classic straight man/funny man routine."

And Graham said that the cast had a huge amount of fun working on the show, claiming that if even 10% of the fun that he and Mays had on set comes across to audiences then it will be a huge success.

"It was probably the most fun I've ever had on a set," he said. "And I've been lucky - I've done some really good stuff, some great things, but I've never laughed so much!"


Code 404 is airing on Sky One from Wednesday 29th April. If you’re looking for more to watch check out our TV Guide.


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