Carpool Karaoke was a long-standing feature of James Corden's The Late Late Show in which he drove around celebrities while interviewing them about their lives and careers - as well as, of course, singing along with them.


But the series, now owned by Apple, no longer features its original host. Instead, every episode sees a different group of celebrities interviewing each other - from to Camilla Cabello.

Where to watch Carpool Karaoke?

The James Corden version is available to watch on Youtube for free, and you'll find full episodes of the Apple version (from 2016 onwards) on Apple TV.

What is Carpool Karaoke?

In 2016, Carpool Karaoke moved beyond its origin as a recurring segment on The Late Late Show as Apple Music and CBS Television Studios entered into a partnership to create their own version with each episode featuring a different host and guest. The Apple version of the series failed to live up to the critical acclaim and audience response of Corden's skit.

The all-star combos have included Camilla Cabello and Joe Jonas, Jamie and Corinne Foxx, John Cena, and Shaquille O'Neal, as well as Corden appearing in the show as a special guest alongside Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Alba, and

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Carpool Karaoke was accused of being fake not so long ago, prompting James Corden to explain how it's made.

What was the original Carpool Karaoke like?

In the original Carpool Karaoke, Corden meets celebrities and gives them a free taxi ride - well, it's not quite free, as they have to give him a private concert of all their greatest hits. Inspired by a short sketch for Red Nose Day 2011 whenCorden sang with George Michael in a car, the concept has proven immensely popular, taking Corden to London, Liverpool, New York, and Las Vegas with numerous A-listers in the passenger seat.

As well as hearing some *cough* quality duets, fans got the chance to hear more about who the stars are as people - like the fact that Adele is a massive Spice Girls fan and knows every lyric to Nicki Minaj's verse on Monster.

Adele - if you ever make a rap album, we'll be the first in line.

How do they film Carpool Karaoke?

The series is filmed via small cameras on the windshield of the car, and although they really are on a road, they keep to a modest speed limit of 20mph and are escorted by a convoy to ensure there are no issues from other drivers.

Who has been on Carpool Karaoke?

From the Corden version, the highlights have got to be Mariah Carey, who was the first star to appear on the show, Stevie Wonder, Elton John, Michelle Obama, Lady Gaga and Cardi B.

But Apple Music also has a strong offering, including Snoop Dogg, Quincy Jones, Queen Latifah, Alicia Keys, John Legend, and Will Smith - and don't forget, the entire Cyrus Family (that's right, all eight of them in one car).


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