Series 12 - Episode 4 Mechocracy



With all the elections and referendums we have been having here on Earth, it was only a matter of time before writer Doug Naylor, who’s always had a keen satirical eye, turned it towards comedy’s favourite mining spaceship.

In another on-form episode, the poll for a machine president is required after all the ship’s devices go on strike, with Lister and Kryten pitted against Rimmer and the Cat (who has been blackmailed into supporting the Smeg-headed hologram). The sight of the crew being forced to work by candlelight may remind us of 1970s walkouts. But the blackmail, false claims and smearing? Sadly that seems very much a 2017-inspired phenomenon.


When all the machines on-board Red Dwarf go on strike, a Presidential election is held between Rimmer and Kryten to look after their rights.

Cast & Crew

Dave Lister Craig Charles
Cat Danny John-Jules
Arnold Rimmer Chris Barrie
Kryten Robert Llewellyn
Drama Sitcom