Line of Duty

Series 4 - Episode 6



Every year we wonder if Jed Mercurio’s police-corruption thriller can possibly top the previous season. And every year… well, you can argue over whether its transition to BBC1 has brought the best episodes ever, but you’ll have to wait until this finale has ended, because while Line of Duty is on, nothing else matters. Mercurio is a master at mixing drip-fed info and huge twists, never letting us settle long enough to formulate a theory or poke at any holes – and the odd implausibility is offset by supporting characters who form perfect little riddles, and the show’s endlessly fascinating big baddies.

This year we’ve been blessed with the majestic Thandie Newton as DCI Roz Huntley, a woman whose reserves of ruthless ingenuity show little sign of running out. We know what she’s done, or at least we think we do. Can AC-12 bring her down? There won’t be anything more exciting on TV this year than Huntley’s last desperate hour.


Nick faces lengthy questioning before being charged with Tim Ifield's murder. The AC-12 team is convinced Roz was also involved, but with Hastings coming under pressure from Hilton, the detectives are running out of time to prove their theory, and are forced to risk everything to bring the guilty parties to justice.

Cast & Crew

DCI Roz Huntley Thandie Newton
Arnott Martin Compston
Fleming Vicky McClure
Hastings Adrian Dunbar
Nick Huntley Lee Ingleby
Hilton Paul Higgins
Jimmy Patrick Baladi
Sophie India Ria Amarteifio
Ollie Kwame Kandekore
Neil Mark Stobbart
Farida Anneika Rose
Hargreaves Tony Pitts
Jamie Royce Pierreson
Jodie Claudia Jessie
Michael Scott Reid
Eileen Mary Healy
Surgical staff nurse Pandora Colin
Director John Strickland
Producer Cait Collins
Writer Jed Mercurio
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