Microsoft is set to reveal a range of first-party Xbox Series X games with its Xbox Games Showcase today.

We've already been teased with a first look at the game line-up in May with a look at Scorn and Yakuza: Like a Dragon - but the event looked at third-party games.

Now the event on Thursday, 23rd July, will look at the first-party Xbox Series X games.

If you're wondering what to expect the main thing is Halo Infinite. You can also expect Microsoft to share more about confirmed Xbox Game Studios titles like Hellblade 2.

If you want to watch live then read on for your Xbox Games Showcase news.

How to watch Xbox Games Showcase live stream

The Xbox Games Showcase starts on Thursday, 23rd July at 5pm BST, 12pm ET, 9am PT. The stream will be about an hour and the live stream will kick off before the event starts.

As we're now used to the event is online and streaming live rather than an event in a 'digital first' approach.

What to expect from Xbox Games Showcase

The hour-long presentation will showcase Xbox Series X games.

We already know we will get our first look at Halo Infinite gameplay, as well as Hellblade 2. We also think we'll get confirmation of a few titles in development like Everwild and Psychonauts. Minecraft and Sea of Thieves should also be in there.

The unconfirmed titles will also be in the announcement roundup. So maybe Fable 4, Forza and so on.

As to what won't be shared. Microsoft has said this is just about games, so no hardware or price news.

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