Following its atmospheric reveal, fighting game fans have been eagerly anticipating news on the Tekken 8 release date.


Sadly, little is known about when the game will release, with not even a rumour or leak pointing towards a date or window. As this is a live page with new information being revealed all the time, we will update with official release info when it's revealed.

This shouldn’t stop you from being excited about the game, though. Tekken 7 was a smash hit and Tekken 8 already looks like it could be even better thanks to its use of Unreal Engine 5. Seriously, the graphics are incredible.

The storied tale of Kazuya Mishima and Jin Kazama is set to continue, and you can find out everything you need to know about Tekken 8 below. Read on for details on its release date, pre-order availability, whether there’s a trailer or not, and which platforms its playable on.

When is the Tekken 8 release date?

There is no officially confirmed Tekken 8 release date. We’re expecting it to release in 2023, most likely in the second half of the year, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see it slipping into early 2024. It is being built from the ground up using a new engine, after all.

All we know is that, as per the PlayStation Blog, “The entire development team is working hard to make this title worth the wait so thank you so much for your support.”

Can I pre-order Tekken 8?

As there is no release date yet for Tekken 8, you can’t pre-order the game or what’s bound to be Standard, Deluxe, and other Editions.

At least, you can’t on PC. You can wishlist Tekken 8 on Steam and you’ll be notified when it becomes available.

Surprisingly enough, you can already pre-order physical copies of Tekken 8's console editions from GAME.

Which consoles and platforms can play Tekken 8?

Tekken 8 is set to release on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. Sadly, there is no sign of a Switch port, and the game appears to be skipping out on the last-gen PS4 and Xbox One. This is more than likely due to the technical limitations of the older hardware and the game’s use of Unreal Engine 5.

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Tekken 8 gameplay and story details

Tekken 8 is picking up from where Tekken 7 left off, continuing the record of Tekken being the game series with the longest ongoing story. According to the PlayStation Blog, “This new entry will focus on the father and son showdown between Kazuya Mishima and Jin Kazama.”

Outside of that and what was seen in the reveal trailer (see below), little else is known about the storyline of Tekken 8. We’ll have to wait and find out when the game eventually releases and we can play through the story mode.

In terms of gameplay, expect Tekken 8 to play like a Tekken game with 3D arenas to fight in and flashy attacks. There are no details currently as to how the game will be particularly different to previous entries when it comes to core fighting mechanics, but we do know it’s being developed using Unreal Engine 5.

Thanks to Unreal Engine 5, Tekken 8 looks absolutely phenomenal in what we’ve seen, bearing in mind it wasn’t an actual fight but rather real-time rendered footage. Expect the game to look at least somewhat similar to the trailer below. The character models, weather effects, and astonishingly detailed backgrounds are all how they should look in game.

Is there a Tekken 8 trailer?

We told you Tekken 8 is a looker and you can see that for yourself in the atmospheric and impressive reveal trailer below:

That’s everything there is to know about Tekken 8 as of right now. We’ll be sure to keep this page updated with new information when it is confirmed.

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