The hit MMORPG (which means massively multiplayer online role-playing game, if you were wondering) RuneScape is celebrating a massive 20 years in 2021 and they have a special announcement to make as part of the festivities - the game is coming to mobile!


Fans of the game have long been wanting a fully-fledged RuneScape Mobile option. There has been an early access version that has gone done a storm, and now that day is almost upon us - you can already go ahead and pre-order if you want to get ahead of the crowds.

Old School RuneScape has been on mobile for some time now, and many were hoping that the current version of the game would follow suit. Now it has, and by the summer, we will be able to play it while we are out and about on our phones - and hopefully, we will be able to go out and about properly by then.

Read on for everything you need to know about the RuneScape mobile game.

When is RuneScape coming to mobile?

If you weren't already looking forward to the summer, then you will be now, as that is when the mobile version of RuneScape is set to launch.

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While we don't have an exact RuneScape Mobile release date yet, that summer window has been confirmed. We are going to assume it will be early summer purely because we don't want to think about having to wait until late August to start playing - so fingers crossed we are right there.

How can I pre-order RuneScape Mobile?

This being a mobile game, for both iPhone and Android devices, there are two pretty obvious places in which you can pre-order RuneScape Mobile. If you're an Apple user, you can head to the App Store and place a pre-order. Or if you're an Android person, head to the Google Play Store and follow the instructions to pre-register. It really is that simple.

How will RuneScape work on mobile?

runescape characters

Very much like it works on other devices now! It will be a free download and the mobile version will support cross-play - which is a great thing as it would be a strange thing to omit.

But every aspect of the game has been tweaked and changed to make sure that it works for mobile and a fresh new introduction tutorial will be in place to get you used to the new controls and the slightly different ways to play - new and existing players can have a go at that when they first get the game.

As for pre-ordering, you can do so now via Google Play or the iTunes app store!

Ryan Ward, RuneScape Executive Producer, has been talking about the exciting news and has the following to say: “Today’s invitation to pre-order and pre-register is a massive and exciting moment. It has been no small feat to bring one of the world’s largest MMORPGs to the world’s largest and most widespread gaming platform. This Summer, we will be ready to welcome players on mobile to a fantastical, living world and through endless discovery connect them to a RuneScape community of millions.

Our community means everything to us, and we have taken the time in Early Access to listen to player feedback and create an experience that was as awesome on mobile as it is on desktop. Given RuneScape’s 20-year heritage, to have the whole of RuneScape running on mobile is a monumental achievement and we couldn’t be more excited for launch.”

Is there a trailer for RuneScape Mobile?

Yep. Behold it here in all its glory. It may only be a short teaser trailer but it is enough to get us excited!

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