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How to pre-order Nintendo Switch Lite Blue: where to buy it and price

Wondering where to buy the Nintendo Switch Lite in its snazzy blue colour?

The Nintendo Switch Lite is getting a new blue look.
Published: Friday, 7th May 2021 at 7:30 am

It's a good time for fans of violet shades as not only has the purple iPhone 12 been released, but now a dark blue Nintendo Switch Lite has been announced - and it's just about to be released.


Yes while fans are still waiting for any concrete news on the long-rumoured Switch Pro, the launch of the blue edition of the Switch Lite is upon us, delighting long-term Nintendo fans who remember the purple aesthetic of the GameCube and certain editions of the Game Boy Colour and Game Boy Advance.

The Nintendo Switch Lite is a handheld-only version of the wildly successful Nintendo Switch, sacrificing the TV dock in favour of a lower price and lightweight portability - but can play all Nintendo Switch games with a handheld mode.

However as with the launch of the Xbox Series X and the still hard-to-find PS5, the blue Nintendo Switch Lite is already sold out at few places - see below on all the info you need to find the console's new colour, including, release date, price, pre-order links and stock updates.

When is the Nintendo Switch Lite blue version release date?

The Nintendo Switch Lite blue version's release date is confirmed for 7th May 2021, with Nintendo listing this date on its official website and social media channels. It will join the previously available colours are yellow, coral, grey and turquoise.

Nintendo Switch Lite blue price: How much does it cost?

Nintendo confirmed in a press release and a Tweet (see below) that this new version of the Nintendo Switch Lite, with its snazzy blue look, will be priced at $199.99 USD at launch.

Other colours of the Switch Lite currently cost £199.99 GBP from the Nintendo UK website, with pre-orders later confirming that the UK blue edition will also match the £199.99 price point. (Nope, Nintendo Switch prices do not seem to take currency exchange rates into account!)

How to pre-order Nintendo Switch Lite in blue

Pre-orders are now live at several retailers with a few places sold out already(!), so we suggest you get in fast. While the Nintendo UK website has been advertising the blue Nintendo Switch Lite there's no pre-order page, so we expect sales of the console to go live there on the release date of 7th May.

Best places to buy Nintendo Switch Lite in Blue

The following retailers have the blue edition available however - incluing bundles with the likes of Miitopia and Pokemon Snap.

Smyths and Currys PC World also have a page listing for the Nintendo Switch Lite blue but are both already out of stock - it's worth checking to see if they get any new stock around the launch period.

In the meantime, if you just can't wait, you could always buy a Turquoise version of the Switch Lite instead. Very currently has them for the discounted price of £193.99, while Amazon has all of the current colours from £188.88. Make sure to check sellers if buying from Amazon!

Should I buy a Nintendo Switch Lite?

The main differences between the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite come down to price and tv compatibility. The Nintendo Switch Lite does not come with a dock to let you play your games on your TV screen, and the controllers aren't detachable to allow you for splitscreen multiplayer fun. However, you're still able to play all the big Nintendo Switch games for under £200, and is easily portable due to being lightweight - perfect for those always on the move or on a budget. It also comes with more colour options, with five snazzy choices available.

The main Nintendo Switch often retails for about £80 more, but comes with a dock allowing the console to output to a TV in full HD resolution. The Switch's controllers are also detachable joy-cons which are perfect for local multiplayer gaming at home, with joy-cons available in special Zelda and Fortnite editions. Ideal for those who prefer a big-screen experience, or intend to have friends round to play.

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