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Marvel’s Avengers “throws curveball” with story creating a fresh perspective, says Troy Baker

Voice actor Troy Baker talks Marvel's Avengers gameplay ahead of the game's launch

Marvel's Avengers

It’s not long until Marvel’s Avengers is released, but fans still have a few questions.


There’s been plenty of teasers and trailers ahead of the Square Enix/Marvel story driven third-person game launch.

The Marvel’s Avengers beta has given us a feel of what to expect, but what else can we expect from gameplay, characters, and storyline.

Voice actor Troy Baker spoke to RadioTimes.com ahead of Marvel’s Avengers launch.

The actor voices Bruce Banner/Hulk in the latest Marvel offering, though he has also voiced Hawkeye.

When asked what fans should expect, Baker explains the key was to make the game fully immersive – and that’s why it took awhile.

“You can do 50 per cent story and 50 per cent game or 60 per cent story 40 per cent game, but the reality is to create a proper immersive experience it has to be all-in, on both sides, and the way that you do that is inextricably linked to tying it in together.

“You don’t tag one onto the other, you don’t create a story that every once in awhile you get to go on the stick and do something cool, and you don’t create this great system of mechanics and then try and shoehorn in the story that sets up the next big boss battle.”

Baker adds that to overcome some of these issues Marvel’s Avengers focuses on the characters and firmly sitting them within the story.

He adds: “You need to place the character square inside the story and then that allows you as a player to be able to move around inside that world – and that’s why it took so long to make the game. That’s a very hard thing to do! You can either do open world and the story is whatever or you can do a very linear narrative game and the gameplay suffers.”

Baker also teases what’s to come, adding the idea is to create something that lives on, evolves.

“What this does is it seeks to be a game that you are going to be playing for years and we keep expanding and expanding and expanding, but we have to set the stage, we have to set up the world and you can only do that from marrying the two,” he says.

“The best way to do that is to throw a curveball and go ‘well you’re expecting an Iron Man story? Great! Were you expecting a Captain America story? Check this out! We are going to throw you in and you were going to see it this way through the perspective of Kamala – you are going to see what it’s like to interpret it fresh.

“That was the best move they could have ever done, and that’s the move they made.”


Marvel’s Avengers is out 4th September on PS4, PC, Xbox One, and Google Stadia.