Lego has an uncanny ability to see a franchise, envision it with its own brand of blocky humour and make it usually brilliant - and such is the case with LEGO The Hobbit.


And seeing as it’s been out since 2014, we don’t think anyone will mind you bending the rules a little - so we have for you the LEGO The Hobbit cheats with a full list of codes and how to use them.

Taking place across the events of An Unexpected Journey and The Desolation of Smaug, Lego’s interpretation features many familiar locales - and some new ones to better suit its cubic sensibilities.

The game saw a number of DLCs but unfortunately never saw the third Hobbit film, The Battle of the Five Armies, adapted for the title - making it feel slightly unfinished.

Yet, despite this, there is still a ton of fun to be had - especially with friends. So read on to amplify the silliness further with all the Hobbit cheats you need!

How to use cheats in LEGO The Hobbit

To use cheats in LEGO The Hobbit you need to pause the game and then select Extras, then from this menu, select Enter Code and you will be able to enter all the codes you need to.

Once you’ve entered a code, press the return key and you should be notified that the cheat has been unlocked.

Unfortunately, you can’t save characters that you unlock via this method, so any time you start the game up again, you will need to enter the codes to play as your favourite Hobbit icon.

Fortunately, it only takes a few seconds before you can jump back into the action.

Full list of LEGO The Hobbit cheat codes

Below is the full list of LEGO The Hobbit cheat codes which will unlock any of the available characters you would like to play as.

  • FAVZTR – Alfrid
  • 84ZZSI – Azog (Claw)
  • W5Z6AC – Bain
  • UER3JG – Bard
  • XTVM8C – Barliman Butterbur
  • 555R9C – Barrow-wight
  • KEID2V – Beorn
  • ZIBYHO – Bolg
  • MXUXKO – Braga
  • 5OJEUC – Bree Peasant
  • H2CAID – Elros
  • THAVRM – Fimbul
  • 00TE7J – Galadriel
  • 3CE37P – Gollum
  • TPD7YW – Grinnah
  • V4Y5HZ – Lindir
  • 9NOK35 – Master of Lake-town
  • 4FYKKB – Narzug
  • NM3I2O – Necromancer
  • 74KN31 – Percy
  • TB4S6J – Rosie Cotton
  • OARA3D – Sauron
  • SYKSXF – Thrór (Armoured)
  • 4Y95TJ – Tom Bombadil
  • V8AHMJ – Witch-king
  • S6VV33 – Yazneg

And that’s your lot. Unfortunately, there aren’t any other cheat codes to give you any powers or the like, but the game is so bonkers already that it honestly feels like playing through The Hobbit with cheats anyway!

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