The main antagonist of Hades 2, the Chronos boss fight, is probably the trickiest you’ll encounter during a run in the early access sequel.


Chronos has two phases during his difficult boss battle and each come with some powerful attacks that will deal massive damage to you.

Fortunately, there are some tips and tricks that will make your fight against Chronos easier. Sticking close to him when he summons those circles of orbs and throws his scythe in a clockwise rotation come to mind.

There are a couple of attacks that you simply need to avoid, too.

Keep reading to find out how to beat Chronos in Hades 2.

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How to beat Chronos in Hades 2 explained

Hades 2 Chronos boss
Hades 2 Chronos boss.

To beat Chronos in Hades 2, you’ll need to remain patient and time those dodges well! The Titan of Time is a difficult boss to defeat, but you can do so with more ease if you know which attacks he’ll use and how best to counter them all.

Before we get into the details, it’s worth noting that Hades 2 is currently playable in early access. This means that as the game develops, the best methods on how to beat Chronos may very well change.

With that in mind, our best advice on how to defeat Chronos is to follow this super useful YouTube video from Haelian. It helped us big time, anyway, so check it out below:

To detail the tips and tricks we’ve found best for you, we’ve listed them all per phase of the boss battle.

Here’s how to beat Chronos in Hades 2:

Phase 1:

  • Chronos is immune to the Arcana effect that slows down time while channeling
  • Kill any and all summoned other enemies ASAP, they will only annoy you if you don’t
  • Chronos's scythe throwing move always attacks in a clockwise rotation (he is the Titan of Time after all)
  • Stick close to Chronos when he attacks with the rotating orbs, get him to charge towards a wall and they’ll be destroyed by the environment
  • Dodge his charge attack
  • In general, you can get in very close and behind Chronos during attacks
  • Staying behind him is a great tactic!

Phase 2:

  • Avoid insta-kill attacks
    • When the screen glows yellow, dash inside the circle to stay safe (just stay still inside the safe zone circle until the attack is finished)
    • In the black and yellow clock insta-kill attack, stay in the circle that’s not coloured by the attack to stay safe
  • When Chronos summons those massive gold bubbles, get to a safe spot immediately and don’t bother moving when safe, there’s little room in the arena at this point
  • Get in close to Chronos when he summons the small yellow orbs and you can get many hits in
  • Dodge the clockwise-moving clock hands
  • Kill all summoned enemies!

Remember to pick Arcana Cards granting Death Defiance, too! That’s always handy in Hades 2.


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