There have been a few games that have soared in popularity during 2020 and Among Us is certainly one of them. The fun, frantic mobile game is on the rise and Twitch streams of it are among the most popular out there.


But there is not a huge choice of maps on offer for the game with only three existing - well until early next year anyway.

A new, fourth, map called Airship has been revealed to lure players in all over again in the New Year.

The Airship

airship among us

The latest addition to the maps on Among Us, Airship, is due to be released in early 2021, but we already know a fair bit about it. Flying platforms or ladders will be the only way to access certain rooms that are on the map, the layout is unlike anything seen in previous ones and it seems that it will take players some getting used to in order to master it. For the imposters though, there are a tonne of places to hide bodies which is great news and it does seem that this may be the most bonkers map yet.

The Skeld


Still the go-to map for most players, Skeld is the one that players are generally the most used to and it is the simplest to navigate with the tasks that are available being all quite close to each other. With everything in sensible places that are easy to find, this is the best map to use if you are trying out the game for the first time before moving onto one of the more complex ones.

More like this


polus among us

This is a great map for sneaking around in - or getting lost in as we have many times. Polus has many rooms that are connected, but that does not mean that is simple to access them all and it will take some exploring. The Specimens room is a tough one to get to with the addition of decontamination chambers and there are rooms that people need not go into which means you can fully expect imposters to hide bodies there.

Mira H

mira among us

The most complex map of the three that are there right now, Mira HQ has rooms that are spread out far more than the other maps and the long hallways make it tougher to get to them. We're talking about 35 seconds to get from one to another which is far more than the others and it is made tougher by imposters getting across far more quickly in the vents. A great map, but not one to try until you are used to the game.

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