After Titanfall, Godfall and many more, Babylon's Fall is the latest video game franchise to, um, fall onto digital shelves. A collaboration between RPG maestros Square Enix and action specialists Platinum Games, Babylon's Fall looks to be a healthy mix of Devil May Cry's frenetic action and a Dark Souls-esque fantasy setting.

When is Babylon's Fall released?

Originally scheduled to release in 2019, the teaser trailer hints we'll hear more information this summer - so expect a late 2020 release at the very earliest.

What consoles and platforms will Babylon's Fall be available on?

Babylon's Fall has been confirmed for PS4 and PC. There's no word yet on a possible PS5 release.

What's Babylon's Fall about?

Little is known about the game outside of the trailer, which showed a knight fighting several, much larger knights with floating oversized swords. Platinum Games are known for their action chops and this release looks to be no different - with fluid, frenetic swordplay against literally larger-than-life enemies, Babylon's Fall looks to provide medieval fantasy action like no other.

The game also uses a "Brushwork Filter", giving the entire game a brushstroke visual art style to make it seem like a giant moving oil painting - which ties in nicely with the game's (loose) historical theme.

The trailer promises more information "next summer" - which quite possibly means at E3 - when we'll hopefully learn more story and gameplay details, and ideally a release date.

Is there a trailer for Babylon's Fall?

Yes- it's as beautiful as it is over the top: