Best places to pre-order Xbox Series X and S – deals and who has stock

You can reserve Xbox Series X and S now - we have the best retailers to check for stock

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While the process of getting a new console was a little bumpy for the PlayStation 5, the Xbox has taken a more structured approach for the launch of the Xbox Series X with those wanting to own one given ample time to get ready for what will likely be a bit of a rush when orders go live.


There are two consoles available the Xbox Series X (£449) and a digital Xbox Series S edition (£349) and both are due to release on the same day, November 10th.

And while it may only seem like yesterday when we found the official price, specs and games for the Xbox Series X, the chance to pre-order the console has already arrived.

We’ll be updating this page as an when we learn of more Xbox Series S and X pre-orders going live.

Xbox Series X pre-order: When to buy Xbox Series X?

Pre-orders were available as of 22nd September at 08:00 in the UK – for both the top-dog Xbox Series X and the digital-only Xbox Series S. But while gamers had ample notice to pick one up, unlike what happened with the PlayStation 5 pre-order release that was, well not ideal, they sold out extremely quickly- with several big retailers seeing their websites buckling under the pressure of how many people were trying to get hold of one.

Where can I pre-order the Xbox Series X?

The Xbox Series X was available to pre-order at a number of retailers and while we expected more to be released shortly afterwards, there has not been a second wave of pre-orders yet. We only have a few weeks now until the November 10th release date and while we still expect another round of pre-orders- the window is getting shorter for it to happen.

Smyths and GAME were the places to go if you would rather pay for the console, alongside a revamped Gamespass, monthly as they will be the only ones to have Xbox All Access as an option. Hopefully, that will be an option again if more go live.

Elsewhere, the likes of Very had them which offers its own instalment plan for all its products.

We will continue to keep this page updated with the latest retailers and their stock levels.

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Xbox Series X Pre-order UK

Currys PC World

Xbox Series X –£449

Xbox Series S – £249


GAME still has some pre-orders available for both versions of the console- best to get in there quickly!

Xbox Series X – £449.99

Xbox Series S – £249.99


As one of the most popular retailers, Amazon is struggling to keep up with the pre-order demand. However, they do regularly top-up stock throughout the day so do keep checking back.

Xbox Series X – £449.99

Xbox Series S – £249.99


SimplyGames came through for gamers later in the day on PS5 pre-order day, so keep an eye on the site for late pre-order releases.

Xbox Series X – £449.99

Xbox Series S – £249.99

John Lewis

John Lewis had plenty of stock for the PS5 but held off pre-orders until some of the others had sold out – expect the same today.

Xbox Series X – £449

Xbox Series S – £249


Very did have PS5 in stock and was a good place to look as the other retailers started to sell out. You could register your interest in advance for Xbox Series X pre-orders.

Xbox Series X – £449.99

Xbox Series S – £249.99 has a pre-order search filter so keep an eye for Xbox Series X and S pre-order.

Xbox Series X – £479 (includes 3 Month Game Pass)

Xbox Series S – £279 (includes 3 Month Game Pass)


Another retailer that proved useful on PS5 pre-order day was ShopTo.Net, we expect it to release Xbox Series X pre-order stock on its set page.

Xbox Series X – £449.85 (Currently out of stock)

Xbox Series S – £249.85


You can always pop into a store on the release date, but check Tesco Xbox Series X pre-orders as any they do have will not stay on the shelf for long.

Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X Accessories

A selection of Xbox Series X accessories are also available to pre-order now.

However, good news for you existing Xbox owners who have already snapped up many of the great additions you can get for the console- they will work on the Xbox Series X too! So anything that you buy now will not need replacing and while there will likely be new, snazzier versions when the console launches, such as the controller, you won’t have to buy them straight away in order to make the most out of the new console.

And above are all the brands that have been officially licensed by Microsoft to make the accessories and as you can see, there are a lot of them!

Here are some of the items you can buy right now that will work on the Xbox One X.

xbox series x accessories

Xbox One deals

Maybe you are yet to join the Xbox world and are considering investing an older console rather than the brand spanking new one. If so, here are some deals for the Xbox One deals that you may be interested in.

And, we’d suggest keeping an eye on our Xbox Series X Black Friday page, too.


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