Whether it’s under a blanket on a Sunday afternoon, post-dinner on a weeknight, or during the school holidays, television time is great for family bonding and helping us get through the colder months. And, with Sky Glass, this valuable family time can be taken to the next level.


Sky Glass is Sky’s state-of-the-art Smart TV which puts all of your entertainment in one place. Its premium sound and picture quality help to bring an elite viewing experience into your home with ease of use at the heart of its design.

It comes with hundreds of exclusive Sky shows along with an accompanying Netflix subscription, so there is a huge library of content for all ages and all preferences. You might want to spend the festive period rewatching Harry Potter, keep young children entertained with Rugrats or binge Spongebob, Sky Glass gives you access to all.

And, when the children go to bed, there’s plenty for the adults to get stuck into as well. Sky Originals such as A Discovery of Witches, Bulletproof, and Gangs of London will have you glued to the TV.

So, if you’re interested in a Sky Glass, don’t wait around, because this Black Friday you can get Sky Glass for its cheapest ever price. For just £33 a month, you’ll get Sky Glass with an accompanying Sky Entertainment and Netflix package, up until November 30th.

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If you’re still wondering if a Sky Glass is for you, we’ve got all the information you need to know before purchasing. This guide will explain what Sky Glass is, how to use it, and how much each plan will cost.

Get Sky Glass with Sky Entertainment and Netflix for just £33 a month

What is Sky Glass?

Sky Glass is a smart television which has all of Sky’s channels living inside of the TV and works using Wi-Fi. It removes the need for any extra hardware or satellites and allows you to stream all of your favourite shows from all of your favourite apps in one place.

Sky Glass is made to enhance your viewing experience and not only does it make manoeuvring the world of TV and streaming effortless, it also focuses on making sure the picture quality and sound are at its highest level.

Six powerful Dolby Atmos speakers ensure 360° sound and Sky Glass’s Auto-Enhance feature identifies what you’re watching, automatically tailoring the sound to match this. It has three sound options: sport, music and movie mode, meaning you’ll always have that front-row feeling, be that in a stadium, concert, or cinema.

Auto-Enhance doesn’t just tailor the sound to these but also the picture, adjusting it to make the darks darker and brights brighter. Sky Glass’s 4K Quantum Dot screen allows for all of this to happen and with 8.3 million pixels, a crystal clear picture is guaranteed.

Sky Glass also comes with a voice-controlled remote which helps you instantly seek out your desired content. You can create playlists for your favourite shows and restart any programme from the beginning which you’ve missed the start of.

It has normal sky features such as recording, a new ‘save for later’ option and stores everything on the cloud, so you won’t need to worry about storage or clashing programs.

What sizes is the Sky Glass TV available in?

Sky Glass TV is available in small, medium or large. The small screen is 43 inches, the medium is 55 inches, and the large is 65 inches. The price increases the larger your TV.

Get Sky Glass at its lowest-ever price up until the 30th of November

How does Sky Glass work?


Sky Glass prides itself on being easy to set up and easy to use. It comes with a TV stand and only one cable that you need to plug in. It works using Wi-Fi, so all channels, apps, games, and extra add-ons can be used in an instant.

When you buy a Sky Glass, you must sign up for their Entertainment and Netflix package. From here, you can enjoy all regular television channels, Sky originals and exclusives, as well as Netflix’s extensive library.

When buying a Sky Glass, you also have the option of adding Sky Live, an interactive camera designed to turn your TV into an all-round gaming, fitness, and video experience.

What is Sky Live?

Sky Live is one of the add-ons you can choose to accompany your Sky Glass. It is an interactive camera which connects to your TV and allows you to chat with friends and family, watch TV and live sports together, work out, and play games.

With the chat function, you can call phones, tablets, and other TVs, directly from your Sky Glass. Powered by Zoom, you can connect to loved ones through your big screen. The same technology allows you to watch along with friends and family. You can enjoy live sports, series, and films, together, even if you’re in a different room, home, or country.

Sky Live doesn’t just boost socialising, but workouts as well. You can connect to a digital personal trainer and the camera will use tracking to analyse your moves and give you pointers on form and technique. Whether it’s HIIT or meditation, the digital personal trainer can then relay these pointers back to you.

Finally, Sky Live allows you to play interactive games. With Motion Control, you can chop the air in Fruit Ninja or link up with other households for a game of Monopoly.

Sky Live costs £6 a month over 48 months, £12 a month over 24 months, and £290 if you want to pay it all at once.

Get Sky Glass with Sky Entertainment and Netflix for just £33 a month

What channels do you get with Sky Glass?

Sky Glass TV
Sky Glass TV

When you buy a Sky Glass, you have to subscribe to Sky’s Entertainment and Netflix package as standard. This gives you access to all your standard television channels, Sky Originals and Exclusives, and Netflix Basic.

With this deal, you can enjoy Sky Originals such as Gangs of London, Chernobyl and Succession. With access to Netflix, you can get stuck into Sex Education, The Witcher or keep the kids happy with Rugrats. You’ll also get access to the likes of BBC, ITV and Channel 4, along with their catch-up apps.

If you want to customise your TV package you can add on one or more of Sky’s many TV options. These include the likes of Sky Sports, Sky Cinema and Sky Kids. Here, you can enjoy the Premier League, watch recent blockbusters, and keep the children entertained over the Christmas break (you will need to pay extra for these add-ons).

How much does Sky Glass cost?

Sky Glass has different prices depending on the size of the television, what Sky package you opt for, and the amount of time you want to spread the cost over. Here’s how much each different size of Sky Glass TV costs:


The small-sized Sky Glass, with a 43-inch screen, will cost £14 a month, over 48-monthly payments, with a £10 upfront cost. For a 24-month payment plan, the small Sky Glass will cost you £28 a month, with a £20 upfront cost. Alternatively, you could pay it all at once, with a £699 one-off payment.


The medium-sized Sky Glass, with a 55-inch screen size, will cost you £19 a month on a 48-month payment plan, with a £10 upfront fee. On a 24-month plan, this will be £38 with a £20 upfront fee. You could also pay it all off with a one-off payment of £949.


The large-sized Sky Glass, with a 65-inch screen size, will cost you £24 a month on a 48-month payment plan with a £10 upfront fee. On a 24-month plan, this will be £48 with a £20 upfront fee. You could also pay it all off with a one-off payment of £1,199.

If you want to personalise your TV, you can choose a different colour for no extra cost, or change the colour of your speakers for £39.

After you’ve selected the size and colour of your TV, you then have to add on the Sky TV package you want. As standard, you must buy an accompanying Sky Entertainment and Netflix package. This usually costs £26 a month for an 18-month contract and £29 for a 31-day rolling contract.

However, this Black Friday, you can take advantage of Sky Glass’s cheapest-ever deal and get the Entertainment and Netflix package for £19 a month, on an 18-month contract, and £22 a month on the 31-day rolling.

You can then add on extras including Sky Sports, starting at £20 a month (for Black Friday), Sky Cinema, starting at £11 a month, plus the likes of TNT Sports, Sky Kids, and many more.

Buy Sky Glass with Sky Entertainment and Netflix for just £33 a month

Where to buy a Sky Glass TV

You can only buy the Sky Glass TV directly from Sky. You can choose to pay for it all at once or choose to split the cost over 24 or 48 months.

This Black Friday, up until 30th November, you can get Sky Glass, along with Sky TV and Netflix, for just £33 a month.


Get Sky Glass at its lowest-ever price up until November 30th