When is Agents of SHIELD season 7 on TV in the UK?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe's first ever TV show is coming to an end.

Agents of SHIELD season 7

Seven years since they first landed on television screens, Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD are preparing for their final mission.


While early episodes of the show had a mixed reception from fans and critics, Agents of SHIELD has grown into a polished and popular sci-fi epic over its long run.

Not content with telling ambitious stories spanning alternate dimensions and the far reaches of space, it has also introduced major characters from the Marvel comic books including Ghost Rider, Mockingbird and the Inhumans.

For its final season, the show is taking a leaf out of Avengers: Endgame‘s book and experimenting with time travel, as the team is transported back to the 1930s to face a new galactic threat.

Picking up after the events of season six, the final chapter begins as the agents are transported back to 1930s New York City, where the time-hopping Chronicoms are preparing for a devastating war.

If humanity stands any hope of survival, the agents will have to foil these dangerous plans – which might involve an unlikely alliance, as Coulson says in the season seven trailer: “We have to save HYDRA.”

Speaking of Agent Coulson, the man has cheated death yet another time it seems. Judging from the closing moments of season six, it appears the beloved SHIELD figurehead has been brought back as some kind of life model decoy (LMD), but we’re awaiting confirmation on that…

Here’s everything we know so far about Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD season 7…

When is Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD season 7 on E4?

Sadly for fans, E4 will not be broadcasting season seven of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, meaning its unclear where the final episodes will be released in the UK.

It’s possible they could go directly to a streaming service, with Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ being the prime contenders, as both currently offer older seasons of the show.

However, nothing has been confirmed just yet, so sit tight and we’ll update this page as more information becomes available.

Agents of SHIELD season 7 trailer

Marvel Entertainment dropped this advance look at season seven in late April…

Agents of SHIELD season 7 cast: Who is returning?

Of course, Clark Gregg is returning as Agent Phil Coulson (or some variation of him). It will be nice to see him back to his chirpy self again, after taking on the villainous role of Sarge in season six.

Alongside him are a team of senior SHIELD operatives, including Ming-Na Wen as fierce agent Melinda May, who seems to have recovered from the life-threatening injuries she sustained in the season six finale.

Chloe Bennet is also back as Daisy Johnson aka Quake, a powerful Inhuman of humble origins who has gradually become one of the team’s most skilled members.

Agents of SHIELD season 7

Expect to see more of Ian De Caestecker and Elizabeth Henstridge as adorable couple Fitz and Simmons, who will hopefully get a happy ending after numerous horrible events have kept them apart.

The same can be said of Henry Simmons and Natalia Cordova-Buckley as Mack and Yo-Yo, whose relationship was tested last season but looks to be back on sturdy ground.

Last but not least, Jeff Ward is back as Deke Shaw, the grandson of Fitz and Simmons plucked from the future into our time stream. Will he still be pining after Daisy this season? We’ll have to wait and see…

Agent Carter fans should get excited, as the trailer also contains a glimpse at Enver Gjokaj, seemingly back in his role as Agent Daniel Sousa from the prematurely cancelled spin-off.


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