When is Marcella series three on TV? Who’s in the cast?

Everything you need to know about the return of the ITV detective drama starring Anna Friel

Marcella (ITV email)

Anna Friel is returning to play troubled detective Marcella for a third series on ITV in 2019.


But what’s going to happen in season three? Which cast members are reprising their roles and when will it be on TV?

Here’s everything you need to know…

When is Marcella series three on TV?

Marcella series three went into production in March 2019 and is due to film throughout spring and summer, so we can probably expect the eight new episodes to land on ITV in autumn or winter 2019.

This article will be updated with an exact release date and time as soon as the information is available.

For now, here’s Anna Friel enjoying the rain in Belfast on set in June 2019…

What will happen in Marcella series three?

Marcella (ITV email)

Marcella series three will see the character operating in Belfast as an undercover detective. She has taken on a new identity, under the name of Keira, and has managed to infiltrate the infamous Maguire crime family.

As Marcella investigates their activities, questions are raised about how much of her old self she has left behind. Will her past come back to haunt her once again?

What happened at the end of Marcella series two?

Anna Friel, Marcella (ITV screenshot, EH)

Marcella’s series two finale saw the life of the tortured detective unravel to devastating effect.


Not only did she have an almighty face-off with the child killer she had been hunting down all series, but as well as managing to save Edward, she also made a shocking discovery about her past.

The detective worked out after hypnotic therapy that, years ago, she had accidentally killed her baby Juliette by shaking her too hard. Racked with guilt, Marcella decided to sign over sole custody of her children to her ex-husband Jason.

She then went to throw herself off a building, but colleague Rav came to the rescue and coaxed her away from the edge. Marcella told him about Juliette and then, out of nowhere, attacked him with a toilet lid and handcuffed him to the edge of a cubicle, before cutting off all her hair and slicing the edge of her mouth with a pair of scissors.

The scene cut to nine days later, and the last time we saw Marcella she was wearing that famous green parka and sleeping rough under a bridge.

Who is in the cast of Marcella series three? 

Hugo Speer (Getty)
Hugo Speer (Getty)

Anna Friel, who won an Emmy for her performance in the role, will return as Marcella.

She will be joined by Hugo Speer (The Musketeers) who made a brief appearance in the final scenes of series two as Marcella’s undercover handler Frank Young.

Amanda Burton (Waterloo Road) also joins the cast as the matriarch of the Maguire family, Katherine, as well as Aaron McCusker (Bohemian Rhapsody) as Katherine’s son Finn, Kelly Gough (The Fall) as her daughter Stacey and Martin McCann (Death & Nightingales) as Stacey’s husband.

Eugene O’Hare (The Fall) will play local police officer Eddie, with Michael Colgan (X Company) as Rory Maguire, Paul Kennedy (Death & Nightingales) as Lawrence and Glen Wallace (River City) as past acquaintance Matt.

It is not yet known whether the other original cast members – including Ray Panthaki as DI Rav Sangha, Jamie Bamber as DCI Tim Williamson, Sophia Brown as DC LeAnn Hunter and Nicholas Pinnock as Jason Backland – will reprise their roles in the third series.

What disorder does Marcella have?

Marcella has dissociative identity disorder, which results in her suffering from violent black-outs. Read our interview with a psychotherapist who explains the condition, here. 

Is there a trailer for Marcella series three?

Not yet, but we’ll be sure to drop it right here once it’s released…


Marcella will return to ITV in 2019