‘Why is Louis Tomlinson dressed like he’s in Hufflepuff?’ Fans have lots of questions about the X Factor judge’s outfit

The former One Direction star appeared to be sporting the yellow and black colours of the Harry Potter house. Maybe it because it's Movie Week?


Louis Tomlinson’s latest outfit on The X Factor 2018 has fans all asking one important question: why is he dressed like he’s in Hufflepuff?


The ITV judge sported a sleek yellow and black bomber jacket during Saturday’s live show, and immediately after appearing on stage viewers started wondering whether the former One Direction star had a thing for the Harry Potter house.

“Why has Louis Tomlinson dressed like a Hufflepuff quidditch player?” wrote one of many, many fans online, comparing the yellow and black blocks to the uniform used by Hufflepuff House quidditch players.

“Louis Tomlinson dresses like the Hufflepuff tribute for the Triwizard tournament tonight,” said another, along with a shot of Cedric Diggory actor Robert Pattinson from the Harry Potter films.

The resemblance, to be fair, is uncanny, and many fans wondered whether it was a deliberate choice for Movie Week.

Louis joined regular X Factor judges Simon Cowell and Ayda Field and stand-in judge Nile Rodgers as the ten remaining X Factor acts performed during Movie Week.


The X Factor continues Sunday 11th November at 8.30pm on ITV.