Prince Harry believes there should be more positive news stories, says Today presenter Justin Webb

The royal shared his thoughts while getting ready to be guest editor of the Radio 4 programme

Prince Harry

Prince Harry would like to see more ‘good news’ hit the headlines and the airwaves, according to Radio 4’s Today presenter Justin Webb.


It was while the royal was preparing for his role as guest editor of the current affairs programme just before Christmas that the two discussed the lack of positive stories in the news cycle.

“It’s not the done thing to reveal private conversations with members of the royal family, so the details will have to remain hazy, but a chat with Prince Harry at the end of last year has been much on my mind in recent days,” Webb writes in Radio Times.

Of course, that’s not “good news” at the expense of the “real news” of proper investigative journalism and reporting. But, as the radio broadcaster explains, this is “good news in the sense of a total story about the human condition.”

He adds: “Prince Harry was adamant that there’s more to life than things that go wrong. How can the things that go right find their way onto the airwaves, too?”

(Getty, JG)
Justin Webb (Getty, JG)

As the news spills out beyond the radio, newspapers and TV and follows us around online and in social media feeds “nagging us, tugging our coats, buzzing on our phones day and night,” Webb believes that a “national conversation” about the way we cover news in the 21st century is overdue – especially when it’s so unrelentingly miserable.

“The actual news is that life for most people in Britain is a mixed bunch of highs and lows,” Webb writes. “How do we communicate this in a way that allows power to be challenged but life – real life – to be reflected?”


Read the full column in this week’s Radio Times, out now

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