When is Deadpool 3’s release date? Cast, trailer and latest news

Ryan Reynolds' regenerating degenerate is returning for another big-screen Deadpool outing – here's all you need to know


Deadpool might not be part of the official Marvel Cinematic Universe or X-Men Universe, but the wisecracking superhero has become one of the most popular characters among comic fans – in no small part due to his frequent self-referential jokes.


After becoming a passion project of sorts for actor Ryan Reynolds, the superhero has been the star of two R-rated movies and won acclaim for his highly inappropriate jokes and often very violent nature.

Given the overwhelmingly positive response from fans for the hero’s first two outings, a third Deadpool solo movie has long been called for – with fans desperate to see him reunite with the likes of Cable (Josh Brolin), Domino (Zazie Beetz) and Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand).

And although at one stage things looked good for another film, recent events have casted doubts over whether that will actually go ahead after all.

Read on for everything we know so far about Deadpool 3.

When is Deadpool 3’s release date?

Deadpool 2

Deadpool 3 is confirmed to be in development at Marvel Studios, but the film doesn’t have a release date just yet – and it sounds like fans could be left waiting for quite a while.

In April 2019, Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige spoke to Variety about the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe following Disney’s acquisition of Fox, saying: “There’s no question that Deadpool is working, so why would we change it?”

However, this initial reassurance has given way to concern among some fans, after a third entry was not announced as part of Marvel phase four line-up and co-creator Rob Liefeld claimed it was not a priority for Disney.

In March, the prolific comic book writer told io9 that the studio hasn’t laid out plans to produce a new Deadpool movie in the next five years, which would place the sequel’s release date in 2025 at the earliest.

Of course, that was before the coronavirus pandemic threw the entire film and television industry into a state of disarray, potentially causing further delays.

And then, in July 2020, further doubt was cast over whether we would see another Deadpool film as all, with the superhero’s creater admitting that he was at peace with the fact that there might only be two movies.

Speaking to Collider, Rob Liefeld said, “You know what? There may not be another Deadpool, and I’m fine [with that].”

“Because I have to live with the fact that I had two amazing experiences, two movies I’m extremely proud of, I love knowing everybody on those movies. I love Ryan, Josh [Brolin], Zazie [Beets], David [Leitch], Tim Miller. All of them.

The work they did was fantabulous, those movies are here to stand the test of time. You know, but in the world we live in, nothing is guaranteed. And it takes a lot to make movies. And post-quarantine, it’s weird.”

What this all means is that fans shouldn’t gear up for a new Deadpool film in the near future – if at all – and there’s no telling what it could look like if it does eventually arrive.

For instance, Deadpool 2 director David Leitch has suggested (via Yahoo! Movies) that the Merc With A Mouth’s next misadventure might end up with a lower age certificate.

“It’s rated R so that’s not necessarily the [MCU] brand but he doesn’t necessarily need to be R and [Disney] don’t necessarily need to only make PG-13 movies,” Leitch explained. “I think we’ll find a happy ground.”

Deadpool 3 cast

Zazie Beetz as Domino in Deadpool 2
Zazie Beetz as Domino in Deadpool 2

Ryan Reynolds is once again expected to reprise his role as Wade Wilson, given that the actor is widely loved in the role and has been a huge creative force behind the first two movies.

What we don’t know just yet is which members of his supporting cast will return alongside him, with Morena Baccarin’s love interest Vanessa being a particularly difficult case to unravel.

After all, she was dead for most of the last film, but in the final few minutes Deadpool seemingly travelled back in time to prevent her murder from ever happening – or was that just a fantasy?

Fans will also be keen to see more of Josh Brolin as Cable and Zazie Beetz as Domino, two characters who are frequent associates of Deadpool in the comics, as well as eventual members of the X-Force team.

And how can we forget the only X-Men members willing to work with Deadpool? Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand) and Colossus (Stefan Kapičić) are strong bets to return, given their significant roles in the first two films.

Dwayne Johnson made headlines when he expressed interest in taking on the role of Weapon X experiment Garrison Kane in the third film, after working with Ryan Reynolds in Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw.

However, the former wrestler has since pushed on with plans for his long-gestating Black Adam movie as part of the DC Extended Universe, so that would probably prevent him from getting involved with Marvel.

Is Deadpool now in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

This is quite a complicated question. While Deadpool was first introduced as part of the standalone X-Men movies, the character could very well transition over to the MCU, following Disney’s acquisition of Fox.

While the other X-Men characters are expected to be completely rebooted following the disastrous performance of Dark Phoenix, Deadpool remains very popular so recasting the role would be asking for trouble.

Plus, as the character has such a fondness for meta humour, it would be very easy for him to shrug off any continuity errors with an offbeat remark straight down the lens of the camera.

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What will happen in Deadpool 3?

At the moment, few details have been released, but Ryan Reynolds did tell Variety that the film will go “in a completely different direction” to previous instalments.

The producers behind Deadpool had previously planned to make an X-Force spin-off movie, based on a comic book that follows a black-ops team of Marvel mutants on dangerous missions.

However, the project appears to have been one of the casualties of the Disney/Fox shuffle, so it’s possible some of those ideas could be incorporated into Deadpool 3 instead.

After all, the Merc with a Mouth has already tried to assemble the team once with hilariously gruesome results, so hopefully the second attempt will be a tad more successful.

Watch this space for more details as they come in.

Is there a trailer for Deadpool 3?

No, and it looks like we’ll be waiting a good long while to see any sort of footage. That is, unless Ryan Reynolds decides to start leaking things again.


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