Meet the Gogglebox 2020 cast – the families and their jobs in real life

From Jenny and Lee, to The Malone family, here's all the cast of Gogglebox 2020...


Our Friday nights are booming again now that Channel 4’s Gogglebox is back for a 15th series.


The series returned on 21st February, and the armchair critics have been keeping us entertained from 9pm as they give their take on the past week’s shows.

So, who are the cast of 2020?

Meet the families and friends who’ll be giving us their verdict on everything from the news to soaps.

Anne and Ken

The couple – who like The Moffatts hail from County Durham – are the only new cast members this series.

The duo was introduced to millions of viewers at home as “a couple who have been married for 50 years”.

And it’s clear love is still in the air. On their very first appearance on the show, Ken presented Anne with a bouquet of roses – one for every year they’ve been together.

Giles and Mary

The creative couple have become firm favourites with viewers for their quirky style and furniture – one of their armchairs matches their wallpaper.

Giles is an artist and Mary is best known for being the Spectator’s resident agony aunt as well as a self-styled queen of etiquette.

It’s believed the pair are close pals of Boris Johnson and his sister Rachel.

Ellie and Izzi

Instagram: @ellie__warner and @izziwarner

Twitter: @ellieandizzi

Sisters Ellie and Lizzi are from Leeds.

They first joined the show back in 2015, and were originally worried about whether viewers would be interested in them.

Five years on, and the self-confessed “couch potatoes” are one of the most popular duos on the show, cracking us up with their hilarious banter and love of food.

Mary and Marina

They joined the show in 2016, and have quickly become faves on the show.

Although in their 80s, the ladies are very young and heart, and are not afraid to have a laugh.

They often get distracted talking about their love lives.

Jenny and Lee

Twitter: @Leegogglebox

The hilarious pair film Gogglebox inside a caravan in Hull. And while many think they’re mother and son or husband and wife, they’re actually just friends.

The pair met in a pub where Jenny was landlady and Lee was a regular. They share a Twitter account, which is worth a follow.

Amira and Iqra

Instagram: @amira_gogglebox

Twitter: @Amirasrota and @JustIqs

The two friends from London first joined the show in series 10 with their friend Amani, however Amira and Iqra now appear as a duo, oh, and the cat.

Their infectious giggles have us in stitches.

Pete and Sophie

Instagram: @sandifordpete and @sophiesandiford1

Twitter: @PeteandSophie

Although they’re quite new to the show, having joined in 2018, Pete and Sophie have made a great impression on viewers.

The brother and sister duo have us in fits of laughter with their take on the week’s TV.

The Siddiquis 

Instagram: @thesiddiquis

Twitter: @goggleboxsid, @baasitsiddiqui, @umarksiddiqui

Baasit, Umar and their dad Sid are regulars on the show and much-loved by viewers. The family hail from Derby and others members of the family, such as sibling Raza and mum often make an appearance as well.

The Plummers

Twitter: @thegoggleboxbros

Instagram: @trissy101, @twaineaplummer, @trem_vi

Brothers Tremaine, Twaine and Tristan Plummer joined Gogglebox in series eight.

They film from their home in Bristol, and are sports mad, with Tristan even playing semi-professionally from Bristol FC between 2007 and 2010.

John and Beryl

The pair joined in 2012, although they haven’t revealed much about their private lives on the show.

Beryl did, however, mention that John retired around 12 years ago.

David and Shirley

Twitter: @DaveAndShirley

David and Shirley have been married for 40 years and have two children together. They joined the show in 2015, and film from the comfort of their home in Wales.

The Michaels

Instagram: @alexmichael_x

Twitter: @Louisxmichael and @MichaelFamilyMa

The Michael family live in Brighton and have been regulars and favourites on the show since the beginning.

Occasionally, Louis joins his parents Andrew and Carolyne on the sofa, and in previous years his sister Alex has appeared as well.

The Ven Family

Twitter: @MicaAndTheGang

South Londoners Marcus, Mica, Sachelle and Shuggy joined Gogglebox in series 11.

Their outgoing personalities and Marcus’ hilarious comments have made them very popular on the show.

Abbie and Georgia

Another pair of Gogglebox members from Durham are Abbie and Georgia. The friends have been on the show since 2018. Their classic moments are numerous but they are best known for reacting to that John Lewis ad in 2018 when they questioned whether Your Song was first performed by Ellie Goulding or Elton John…

Paige and Sally

Twitter: @Paige_deville

Mother and daughter duo Paige and Sally joined last year. They hail from Birmingham and Mum Sally, 53, is a carer and Paige, 23, works as a business manager.

The Malones


Twitter: @TheMalonesGB

One of the longest-serving families on the show, having joined back in series four, The Malone family is a firm fan-favourite.

They’re known for the straight-to-the-point remarks, huge food portions and adorable dogs who aren’t camera shy.

Tom Sr is a lorry driver, mum Julie is a receptionist. Tom Jnr is a freelance model and streetdance choreographer – he’s even performed with the Black Eyed Peas and appeared in Billy Elliott until he turned his hand to coaching football.

Daniel and Stephen

Twitter: @Stephenwebb71 and @lustig75

Stephen first appeared on Gogglebox along with his then-boyfriend Chris. However, the pair split and he’s now joined by husband Daniel who first started appearing in 2019. Daniel has now left the show after parting ways with Stephen.

What are their real jobs? In real life Stephen is a hairdresser in Brighton.


Series 15 of Gogglebox airs every Friday at 9pm on Channel 4.