All the Super Bowl 2020 commercials – MC Hammer’s Cheetos to RIP Mr Peanut

...because what would the Super Bowl be without commercials?

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Super Bowl ads

The Super Bowl has always been prime time viewing, so it’s not that surprising that the big brands want to secure a slot even when it costs more than $5million for 30 seconds.


Viewership may have gone down over the past few years, with just 98.2 million people tuning in for the NFL game, but that hasn’t stopped the companies parting with their cash to get those eyeballs on their products.

We already know some of the adverts airing in Super Bowl 54, from Rick and Morty’s Pringles advert to Bill Murray returning for Groundhog Day thanks to Jeep. Winona Ryder, Maisie Williams and Bryan Cranston all appear in ads this year as well…

Here are the Super Bowl 2020 ads released so far.

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Bill Murray and Jeep do Groundhog Day

Billy Murray returns with a furry friend to show off the Jeep Gladiator.

Cheetos and MC Hammer

MC Hammer chows down on Cheetos all while having an epiphany.

Facebook and Chris Rock

We’re not quite sure what Facebook is promoting here, but we do know Chris Rock is on board.

Hyundai – Smaht Park with the stars

Chris Evans, John Krasinski and Rachel Dratch team up (they’re Bostonian) to showcase the Hyundai’s parking technology. Red Sox’s David ‘Big Papi’ Ortiz also pops up.

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend with Genesis

Everyone’s favourite couple star in this ad. Chrissy sasses a crowd full of rich stuck up people, but when it goes wrong husband John Legend swoops in with his Genesis SUV to help.


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