13 Reasons Why season 3 soundtrack – every song by episode

The full list of songs in 13 Reasons Why season 3 including those not on the official soundtrack

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Clay in 13 Reasons Why

Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why is now available and with its release comes a whole new list of songs featured on the soundtrack, from the likes of Yungblud, 5 Seconds of Summer and Charli XCX.


The show started out as an emotional suicide letter from teen Hannah Baker who left behind 13 cassette tapes detailing why she took her own life, but it evolved into a series that looks at wider controversial issues that teens face. The teen drama returned for its third season (Friday, 23rd August) with a new mystery – who killed Bryce Walker? – again looking at suicide, rape and drug abuse.

The 13 Reasons Why soundtrack packs just as much of an emotional punch as the plot, often driving home the meaning behind the events unfolding on screen. As well as the official soundtrack there are plenty of background tracks that add to the mood so we’ve compiled an episode-by-episode guide so you can listen back to the tracks used in 13 Reasons Why season 3.

13 Reasons Why official soundtrack

‘Teeth’ – 5 Seconds Of Summer
‘Die A Little’ – Yungblud
‘Fuck, I’m Lonely’ – Lauv, featuring Anne-Marie
‘Swim Home’ – Cautious Clay
‘Another Summer Night Without You’ – Alexander 23
‘Miss U’ – Charli XCX
‘Favorite Drug’ – Daydream Masi
‘Keeping It In The Dark’ – Daya
‘Young Forever’ – Jr Jr
‘All That’ – Drama Relax, featuring Jeremih
‘This Baby Don’t Cry’ – K Flay
‘Walk Forever By My Side’ – Twin Shadow
‘Slaves Of Fear’ – HEALTH
‘All Your Life’ – Angelo De Augustine
‘Culture’ – Hembree
‘Still Want To Be Here’ – Frightened Rabbit
‘Ordinary World’ – Eskmo, featuring White Sea

You can buy the 13 Reasons Why season 3 official soundtrack now.

13 Reasons Why music episode by episode

13 Reasons Why episode 1

New Order – Regret 

Ani rides to school and sees Clay being taken by the police.

Wolf Parade – Incantation

Zach, Justin and Monty are talking on the football field.

The Clash – Straight to Hell

Clay shows Ani around the school on his unique tour.

The Decemberists – Severed [official soundtack]

Zach tries to call Bryce, Monty is caught by police.

13 Reasons Why episode 2

Beabadoobee – Tired

Chloe and Zach talk about her being pregnant.

Perfume Genius – The Other Side

Chloe gets an abortion.

Publicist UK – Slow Dancing to the Bitter Earth

End credits. Bryce’s body is found.

13 Reasons Why episode 3

John and the Volta – Paralized 

Ceremony – Exit Fears

Alice Boman – Heartbeat

Jacuzzi Boys – Boys Like Blood

Tony and Alex watch Tyler boxing.

Karen O and Danger Mouse – Woman

Jessica kisses Justin then has sex with Alex.

K. Flay – This Baby Don’t Cry [official soundtrack]

Justin and Jessica have sex.

Malaga – Girls Names

Tony sits in his car. End of episode.

David Bowie – Valentine’s Day

End credits

13 Reasons Why episode 4 

TR/ST – ‘Colossal

Tyler sees Monty at school.

R.E.M. – Sweetness Follows

Clay gives Ani a bike as a gift

A Place To Bury Strangers – Never Coming Back (Trentemøller Remix)

Justin and Alex sit in the police car. End credits.

13 Reasons Why episode 5 

The Cure – A Forest

Opening scene. Alex sits in the police car. Tyler takes photos.

Cable Ties – Tell Them Where To Go

This song places when Alex is at the gym, training with Zach.

Daydream Masi – Favourite Drug

Bryce and Monty arrive at the party. [official soundtrack]

Sir Sly – &Run

Alex arrives to meet Bryce at the party.

LCD Soundsystem – No Love Lost

Bryce and Alex break into the house only to find out it’s the wrong one.

Phoebe Bridgers – Funeral

Clay and Justin talk in their room.

Hüsker Dü – Something I Learned Today

Ani finds Tony’s car. End credits.

13 Reasons Why episode 6 

Low – Dancing and Blood

Opening scene. Tony speaks to Deputy Standall. Cuts to Bryce’s funeral.

Ride – Sennen

End of the episode. Clay returns home and tells his parents he loves them.

Mitski – Remember My Name

End credits.

13 Reasons Why episode 7 

The Midnight – Lost Boy

Clay and Ani talk about their favourite characters.

Alexander 23 – Another Summer Night Without You

Clay and Ani measure each other for their cosplay costumes. [Official soundtrack]

Health – Slaves Of Fear

Clay finds Ani in his room. End credits. [Official soundtrack]

13 Reasons Why episode 8

Bauhaus – Dark Entries

Clay finds Justin’s pills in a shaving cream can. End credits.

13 Reasons Why  episode 9 

Chromeo – Bad Decision

Zach and Justin throw grapes in the bin.

Hembree – Culture

Justin sells drugs while working at Monet’s [Official soundtrack]

Nothing But Thieves – Forever & Ever More

The football game.

Twin Shadow – Walk Forever By My Side

Justin cries in his room after his talk with Bryce. [Official soundtrack]

Yungblud – Die A Little

End credits. [Official soundtrack]

13 Reasons Why episode 10 

Echo & The Bunnymen – The Killing Moon (Transformed)

Bryce asks Tony to listen to his tape

Cautious Clay – Swim Home

Jess visits Monet’s to speak to Justin. [Official soundtrack]

Jr Jr – Young Forever

Ani and Clay speak at school about the Homecoming dance. [Official soundtrack]

13 Reasons Why  episode 11 

FIDLAR – Flake

Jessica and Justin kiss in a closet at school.

5 Seconds of Summer – Teeth

Alex boxes, his dad stops him. [Official soundtrack]

Sleater-Kinney – Bad Dance

Jessica and the group run onto the football field.

Interpol – Party’s Over

Clay asks Tony to help him disappear. End credits.

13 Reasons Why episode 12 

These New Puritans – Into The Fire

This song plays over a montage of Clay in jail, Justin doing drugs, Tony drinking and Monty being arrested.

13 Reasons Why  episode 13

The Moth & The Flame – The New Great Depression

Monty’s dad visits him in jail.

Charli XCX – Miss U

Tony arrives at the gym. [Official soundtrack]

Angelo De Augustine – All Your Life

Tyler shows Alex the pictures he took of his bruises. [Official soundtrack]

Chelsea Wolfe – Survive

Alex drives Jessica home after he pushed Bryce into the river.

Frightened Rabbit – Still Want To Be Here

Alex’s dad burns his clothes and Tony speaks to his family on Skype. [Official soundtrack]

R.E.M. – Find The River

Everyone looks at Tyler’s photos on the wall at Monet’s.

Eskmo ft. White Sea – ‘Ordinary World’ (Duran Duran cover) 

End credits. After Justin, Clay and Jessica visit Monet’s. [Official soundtrack]


13 Reasons Why season 1-3 are on Netflix now.