Emma Atkins teases Vanity wedding secrets in Emmerdale

Charity stages an elaborate proposal this week


Emmerdale‘s Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) proposes to girlfriend Vanessa Woodfield (Michelle Hardwick) in spectacular style this week following the vet’s brush with death when she was stabbed during an arson attack on the Woolpack.


The fan favourite couple, who have been dubbed ‘Vanity’ by their army of followers, will no doubt be thrilled by the twist which occurs when Charity realises how deep her feelings have grown having been faced with the possibility of losing her so she decides to make a grand gesture – by stealing someone else’s proposal at Home Farm!

“Charity knows Vanessa could have died,” says Atkins. “She loves her and worries Vanessa might never have known how much had she not pulled through. After talking to Chas and having a think, Charity gets the overwhelming feeling she wants to propose.”

As seen on in a new preview trailer, Charity’s grand gesture takes place at Home Farm complete with horse and carriage and a flash mob, although the Dingle diva hasn’t actually arranged any of this – one of Megan Macey’s clients has organised it for their own big moment and the Woolpack landlady hijacks it!


“Charity overhears Megan on the phone discussing a Home Farm proposal idea and she interrogates her,” continues Atkins. “Charity then hijacks’ this guy’s proposal by locking him in a cupboard! It’s funny, farcical and brilliant – the opposite end of the scale of everything Charity has been through.

“She wants to express her feelings and put it out there. It’s not properly planned, but Charity goes in all guns blazing and won’t come out of this until she’s got what she wants. It goes horribly wrong in the funniest of ways!”

What does the future hold for Charity and Vanessa?

While the focus on the engagement is light-hearted and celebratory, Vanity’s relationship has grown from one of Charity’s darkest times as Vanessa supported her through the emotional admission of abuse while she was a teenage prostitute and her help in tracking down her long-lost son Ryan Stocks, conceived from being raped by corrupt cop Mark Bails.


“Vanessa is the first real relationship Charity has experienced that is connected to positive emotions. There’s love, passion, jealousy – but the right balance of jealousy that makes it okay! There is a tenderness she hasn’t properly experienced before. She had it with Cain to a certain degree but there was too much volatility, it was like a volcano erupting every five seconds.

“With Vanessa there is a degree of stability. They both have a sense of humour and won’t take any nonsense. Vanessa doesn’t bow down to her, she loves her dearly and will do anything for her, but is not a walkover. As to the future from this point, I don’t think Charity is looking too far ahead as she’s still used to everything going badly in her life, but she realises she is falling head over heels in love…”


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