Emmerdale reveals new ‘who’s the daddy?’ drama for Paddy

Is the village vet the offspring of a famous wrestler?

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Emmerdale fans have tonight been left wondering whether Paddy Kirk’s dad may actually have been a championship wrestler, thanks to a bizarre secret divulged by returnee Mandy Dingle.


Up until Tuesday’s hour-long episode, viewers had been under the impression that Paddy’s father had taken his own life after running a hosepipe from the exhaust of his car into the vehicle where he was sitting.

But it now it seems that the man who Paddy thought of as his dad might not have been anything of the sort. This evening’s drama saw Mandy reveal to Marlon and Chas that she’d found old love letters addressed to Paddy’s mum and written by famed 1960s and 70s’ wrestler Bear Wolf.

Paddy then caught the trio looking at images of the superstar grappler online and went on to recall summer holidays where he and his family followed Bear Wolf around the country to see him fight on tour. But might Paddy’s mum have been doing more than just watching the bouts?


After Paddy revealed that these memories were the best of his entire childhood, Marlon and Chas were seen agonising over whether shatter the village vet’s illusions of his early years.

At the moment, Paddy remains unaware of Mandy’s bombshell news, though actor Dominic Brunt recently revealed that Paddy and Marlon will be heading off on a road trip as part of a 2019 plotline:

“All I can say is Belfast. It’s a little holiday for me and Mark Charnock. It’ll be good fun,” Brunt noted.

So perhaps will Paddy be heading off on a genealogy quest to discover all about his family tree?

Emmerdale returns tomorrow at 7.00pm on ITV.


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